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    Sanco Panza (Honduran)

    I just smoked the second Honduran Sancho Panza I've got and noticed the same unusual taste in it as I did my first one. The taste is very musty and mixed with the aroma makes me think of old damp books or something. Notice I said unusual, not bad, but it is a flavor I can't say I've experienced...
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    5 Robustos for &#369.95

    Found an ad in my local paper. Famous-Smoke's got a deal on some General Cigar robustos. The five listed below for &#369.95 plus &#363.95 S&H. The code is ZNW0090 at Not all are my favs but the price sounds right. :cheesy: Thought I'd pass it along.JayMacanudo Hyde...
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    Te-Amo Aniversario

    Just smoked a Te-Amo Aniversario Pefrecto. My thoughts - in a nutshell - it sucked. Vintage 98, where was this stuff aged, in a cattle stall? I remember Te-Amo being an o.k smoke but this was just plain bad. It looked interesting enough but that's it. It burned very uneven, was too tight, and...
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    The local guy

    In a few weeks (hopefully) I will be moving into my new house. About 3-4 minutes from it is my "1st choice" local tobacco shop. I will have to drive by it twice a day. I used to buy singles from them before I quit smoking cigars a couple of years ago but since starting up again, I've only been...
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    What's the deal

    O.K. It's been killing me reading all these posts of you all enjoying all these ISOM cigars. Yes, I'm still a vigrin. Never tried one, ####, never even seen one. What I've figured is either the consequences of getting caught isn't too bad or the pleasure of smoking them outweighs the risks of...