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  1. 4cbln3

    Your cigarette butts are killing Nemo!

    Link   Not wanting this to turn political, there are more pressing issues at hand. However, since I swim/play at many of these parks and beaches I see just as much Starb*cks/ food wrappers/ plastic...
  2. 4cbln3

    Tatuaje TAA 10th Anniversary

    Anybody gonna buy some? Just pulled the trigger on a pre-order, figured what the hell, I've bought the other 2 previous releases.     
  3. 4cbln3

    Fired up the Smoke Wagon!

    Since I'm off duty today, we are opening the house and cooking dinner for the family. I'm going to deep fry my turkey again this year, those pics will be later (if I remember, lol!) I put on a 7.88 lb prime rib rubbed with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, rock (kosher) salt, and black pepper. Since...
  4. 4cbln3

    iPad mini - Whose buying it?

    I am, and I'm actually excited for the first time about an Apple product that I'm putting the Oct. 26th date for pre-orders on my phone calendar. I had the orignal iPad handed down to me and found it so portable and faster than my Asus netbook that it got me started into reading digital books...
  5. 4cbln3

    Newsweek ending printed edition.

    http://www.nydailyne...ticle-1.1186392 I used to look forward to picking up a copy in the dentists/doctors office and seeing if I could read every article and ad before they finally called my name. :angry: :laugh: I just asked my wife if we could use the newer, smaller iPad due to arrive in...
  6. 4cbln3

    Diatomaceous Earth - Anyone using it?

    I started perusing a forum on aquaponics for backyards and since some of those websites tout "organic, all natural, vegan, blah, blah" links I found one that piqued my curiosity enough for me to research and start using. Product is called diatomaceous earth food grade...
  7. 4cbln3

    I had a nose job, but why don't I look better?

    Since I kind of derailed Kann's thread of retrohale http://www.cigarpass...2348-retrohale/ (sorry Kann) and some of you have the same problem as me, I'm here to give you an update on my recent experience. I went in for nasal septoplasty surgery on Friday morning at 5:30 but decided to stay on...
  8. 4cbln3

    September 11, 2001 - Never Forget, Always remembered!

    Paying my respects today for all the Americans who perished in that tragic event in NYC on that day. I made a promise to myself that I would visit there and pay my respects, in person, in front of where the World Trade Center used to be. In the meantime, I will be lighting up one of my very...
  9. 4cbln3

    Quesada cigar, anybody know this one?

    I was gifted this cigar recently and I can't seem to find the name anywhere. It didn't have any second band for the Q d'etat series. It was an impulse grab from my humi so I didn't officially measure it, probably around a churchill size, double perfecto. Cigar burned nicely with only a few...
  10. 4cbln3

    Anyone get a free lighter?

    Went to my mailbox and found a small parcel from Asia with my name on it. In it was a lighter with the vendors name on it. Triple flame too! Anyone know who sent it because I don't order from them? It was a super nice gesture and much appreciated, don't know what I did to deserve it. Thank...
  11. 4cbln3

    False Cracked from Jorel

    Just got back from the Verizon store and brought home some chinese food for the family. The wife said to check the mail since it's getting dark early. No problem, I can balance all that in my hands. Opened the mailbox and out of the corner of my eye I see something come flying out the dark...
  12. 4cbln3

    69 RH vs 65 and below

    I went looking for a cigar to walk the dogs and I found a package of a recent buy with a tat 7th capa especial in it with some other sticks and 2 Boveda 69% in there. Mind you, they were in a Lock-n-Lock so no movement of air was possible, but they were recently put in there because the other...
  13. 4cbln3

    VSG round robusto (newest release)

    Well, you know me, always chasing the new chit just because it's still fun to do. Since IPCPR ended, I have a couple of the newest smokes, one being the new Ashton VSG robusto round (box of 10). I followed my inner smoker and pulled the trigger on the box without knowing if it was just a gimmick...
  14. 4cbln3

    New VSG "round" robusto

    Just saw an ad for these and since I like VSGs I was wondering if anyone got to try any. They are being sold in boxes of 10 so it wouldn't break the bank, but it would be nice to see how they smoke. They may be considered gimmicky, but hey, they caught my attention already and I wasn't even in...
  15. 4cbln3

    Who do you emulate when smoking?

    When I thought about where I was in '72, I realized I was 7 yrs. old and although I grew up around cigar, pipe, and cigarette smokers whenever I have a cigar clenched in my teeth I remember my uncle Hiromi who used to always have the butt of a cigar sticking out of his mouth. He was a...
  16. 4cbln3

    A taste

    You said you'd find a way to get it to me and he did! Much thanks to Nasty for turning me onto a cool thing! *burp* Thanks Los! Dave
  17. 4cbln3

    Cigars I'll never smoke!

    I was going through my stock putting away some sticks that are one off and deserve a place in my wooden desktop humis. Not that they are the most valuable, just that they are the most sentimental of my sticks. I KNOW that no matter what happens I will not smoke,trade,gift, or barter them away...
  18. 4cbln3

    What's your best cigar this year?

    I managed to score some great smokes this year and I thought "what is MY best cigar I've lit that if I had to smoke it everyday as a go to cigar for the rest of the year, what would it be?" I feel that my best cigar this year has got to be the AF 858 sungrown. It has a taste I just love to...
  19. 4cbln3

    Bitch slapped!

    By Donzz! :laugh: Man, the length these Steeler fans will go to let you know who's boss is unreeeaaal. Was just trading some cigars with a brother and what he sent me just left me with a big 'ole handprint on the side of my head :0 . I'm still picking up some teeth that flew somewhere in the...
  20. 4cbln3

    User is Offline

    Just logged on and was reading a thread and noticed there is a new rectangle box next to anyone who is offline. At first, I tried to click on the big red X, but it doesn't do anything. Pretty cool thing, does it go away temporarily if I am on my Droid and just checking new content? Dave...