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  1. streetrod

    Ortega Series D

    This is a Nicaraguan long filler cigar. The construction was very good & had a nice burn throughout the smoke with only one relight necessary. I found the cigar to be mild to medium strength. The first few puffs were very peppery & spicy & then blended in with a very little sweetness to balance...
  2. streetrod

    LP Papas Fritas

    Bought several 4 pack tins of these in 2009. Smoked 2 cigars & thought they were horrible. Kept a full tin plus the 2 remaining cigars. Today I dug a stick out & lit it. From the first puff to the last I thought this is a Great cigar. It is full bodied, had good smoke volume & burned even with a...
  3. streetrod

    Need a New Front Entrance Door

    Been conversing with @Jared Nomack & he was going to send me something non-cigar related. I come home today & see my entrance blown apart with a fedex package laying there. Inside was one great selection of various fantastic stix. Totally unexpected, not necessary but THANK YOU my friend. Frank...
  4. streetrod

    Pipe in need of repair

    Having just come back to pipe smoking after many years (was on a cigar kick), I bought a few new pipes & some tobacco. However when I retrieved my oldest pipe from my stuff draw, I noticed the shank has a small piece missing from it where it connects to the stem. I bought this pipe 49 years ago...
  5. streetrod

    Myrtle Beach

    Now that I have retired (again& for now), I will be in MB for the month of July. If anybody wants to burn a few, let me know.