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  1. beyond the band

    My son is looking for a humi

    Anybody have anything laying around? I'm thinking 100 ct would do. ETA I will do the deal btw
  2. beyond the band

    Old Fashioned

    I have recently discovered this cocktail. I have also discovered not many places make them correctly either. In my research you use 1 Good Rye 2 sugar 3 Aromatic bitters 4 orange bitters 5 ice 6 twist of orange I have really been loving this drink. Thoughts?
  3. beyond the band

    Finally getting a project off the ground

    I've been at this half ass off road tour thing in Baja for a few years. I kinda have been waiting for my last kid to graduate high school so I can free up some time. Well last June she did and July I booked a tour. It's been better than anticipated. The guests are sharing their experiences and I...
  4. beyond the band

    Does anybody want a bunch of bands?

    i have been keeping thes things for a while. Maybe someone can put them to use. It's a literal shitload. Somebody take them off my hands and do something cool with them.
  5. beyond the band

    8 years wow

    8 years ago I was a fresh noob with hardly any knowledge other than I knew I liked cigars and I really liked what goes with them. I had no idea what I was in for. This place has really been an integral part of my life. i have met and became friends with some of the best people and have learned...
  6. beyond the band

    Souldog memorial herf

    As discussed earlier it's been a year since we lost him. I am proposing a herf. There is a new Lounge opening up in Corona at Dos Lagos. It's the same guy that owns Zafutos in Ontario. He's just about ready to open. Corona seems like a place that could be doable for SD OC and LA Guys. Plus...
  7. beyond the band

    It's been a year since we lost Souldog

    Miss him lots. I'd give anything to hear his voice. Anybody want to get together and burn one or three?
  8. beyond the band

    James (Rockfish) Garner

    Bet most of you didn't know he raced the Baja 1000 in the late 60's and early 70's. I remember seeing these rigs as a kid going by the Parnelli Jones Firestone shop in my hometown of Torrance a  wee lad. That's where I got the Baja 1000 fever. Garner was a badass. When men were men. RIP sir    ...
  9. beyond the band

    Kentucky Fire Cured Anybody tried these?

    I have had a few now and damnit I like them! Crazy spice and a strange aroma.  I think I will be doing a review'   Discuss.....
  10. beyond the band

    Souldog sad news

    I was just informed he took his own life. I don't know any details but will post as soon as I find more.  
  11. beyond the band

    Any Air Force guys here? My kid is thinking about it

    My son is 21 and a computer science major but he's in a spot. 3 years in JC, changed his major year one. Doesn't have the credits to transfer to a 4 year due to some lack of proper planning on his part. Anyway after some discussions with him and he has realized he's got to make a change I...
  12. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 2013 Whopper wins!

    Here we go again Those of you who have played last year have first dibs of course. Emails have been sent to those folks. After midnight tonight 7/272013 anyone can join.   I am making a few changes please read carefuly.     Entry is 6 mixed sticks. I have ran this league for the past 5 years and...
  13. beyond the band

    Missing kid in my neighborhood

    Terry Smith is 11 he is autistic. He's been missing since Saturday night. My kids and I have been volunteering all day.Its over 100 out here. This little guy has no shoes or shirt. Getting grim. Please keep Terry in your prayers.   here is a facebook link...
  14. beyond the band

    It's the Beedog's special day

    Happy birthday Phil. Smoke em if you got em!
  15. beyond the band

    I've been interviewed for a podcast

    Check it out
  16. beyond the band

    Happy birthday Seanholio

    I see surfaced on Facebook. Hope you are lurking around these parts brother! Have a great day and enjoy a fine one.  
  17. beyond the band

    AVB is right!
  18. beyond the band

    Ran into WigWam

    I only wish I was driving my car at the time. Saw him at Redlands cigar yesterday. Still as asshat as ever.   You newbs should do a search you can learn how NOT to do things around here.
  19. beyond the band

    70's movie about pot. NSFW

    Anybody ever see this? Holy shit   I thought I was going to die when the lady said.. "I'm sold, Marijuana is the greatest sexual stimulant since they invented the 12 inch penis! And a hell of a lot easier to find"
  20. beyond the band

    Happy birthday SOULDOG

    Welcome to your last year in your 20"s. You are the best young guy I know and I feel blessed to know you. Smoke one of your best man