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    Name that stogie

    Who knows what it is?
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    Humidor Fillers..

    Hi all, Just seeking a quick bit of advise here for my next purchase, I'll soon have an order coming in (from here ) I don’t get the opportunity to smoke cigars too often at all, but I often find I could really enjoy one when a few friends are over, but the problem is as a new cigar smoker my...
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    Hunt for a Lighter

    Hey, You all gave me amazing replies to my previous post here I decided that it might be worth me picking your brains again to try and find a lighter I can use :) For my pipe smoking I use a normal Zippo, which I can manage fine, I enjoy the extra manoeuvrability I get on a zippo, as once its...
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    Pre cutting cigars

    Hi all, I haven’t managed to find any information on this topic, as I cant imagine it really ever being an issue for the average Joe. I’m curious about any bad effects of cutting a cigar and then storing it, the only concern coming to mind is that the cigar might become slack and unravel. I’m...
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    Sealed Glass tubes

    Hey all, I recently received a box of Romeo y Juileta 1875’s in glass tubes. This is my first ‘box’ of cigars, I loved opening it, and they're dressed so well I really don’t want to put them in my humidor! I decided that I’d like to pick your brains, I’ve done my searching and I know people...
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    Setting up my first Humidor

    Hello all, Sorry – another noob here. I’ve had a few things running through my head recently but kept refraining from making a topic as I didn’t want to rush into questions that didn’t really need asking. But I feel now that I could really appreciate some advice as I’m quite cautious and don’t...