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  1. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Remembered I had some Juan Lopez Selection no.2 lying around. Nice, medium bodied smoke from '07
  2. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Finally got over a cold, had time to light up an AVO LE05. 
  3. 4cbln3

    So I pulled the trigger on a nose job...

    I did that surgery 2 years ago too, and it was one of the best outcomes I've had. Even using my cpap machine was something I looked forward to using more frequently. After all the scabs in my sinuses were healed, I still do my sinus rinse at least daily, especially before going to bed after a...
  4. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Nope, Gary.   But I did get time to fire up an AF Don Arturo Gran AniverXario rosado while washing the wife's ride. 
  5. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    An AF Between the Lines. 
  6. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Decided on a Tat Fausto while working outside the house and a Boli CE from '07 for the evening smoke. 
  7. 4cbln3

    This Will Seriously Dent Grape White Owl Availability

    Counterfeit is such a strong word to describe my meds, Gary. I prefer the PC term "generic brand"  :whistling:
  8. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Mowed the lawn with a CyB lonsdale
  9. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Walked 1 of the dogs with a tat TAA 2011 in hand. 
  10. 4cbln3

    Do You Smoke Cigars Back To Back?

    Only time I do this is when I'm smoking with someone or at a herf. I can't really taste the 2nd or 3rd cigar but the conversation is what keeps the smoke flowing. 
  11. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Fired up a PSP2, age unknown. 
  12. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Had time for a cigar this afternoon, found a Headley Grange that had a nice open draw. 
  13. 4cbln3

    Welcome back Jay!

    Welcome back Jay!
  14. 4cbln3

    Davidoff Nicaragua

    I was gifted one and am still on the fence about this blend. It is different than, say the Millennium blend, which I love. 
  15. 4cbln3

    Somebody just dropped a house on me.....a Brickhouse

    Well deserving target Wyatt, good play! 
  16. 4cbln3

    Guts and Balls. What you need to know.

    Much needed laughs today, thanks Doc! 
  17. 4cbln3

    He's a Brick----house

    Nice play on a great target! 
  18. 4cbln3

    Today's smoke - 2014

    Snuck in a PSP2 from '07.