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  1. beyond the band

    Happy birthday AVB!

    Happy birthday you old fart
  2. beyond the band

    Hank Proia RIP Devil Doc.

    Sad day for the community of fuggin flatlanders Rest In Peace sir.
  3. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2017

    Wow I really cocked it up. Because I’m stupid not because I’m not there.
  4. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2017

    I was out of the country last weekend I looked at the app and knew there was a kicker on a bye but I didnt want to lose anyone to get a kicker. Sorry
  5. beyond the band

    My son is looking for a humi

    Anybody have anything laying around? I'm thinking 100 ct would do. ETA I will do the deal btw
  6. beyond the band

    Home security

    If you want higher end commercial grade call Hector at LTS 626.435.2861 Where I get my stuff
  7. beyond the band

    Hi all!!

    Hey man I have been away as well. Nice to hear from you bud
  8. beyond the band

    Old Fashioned

    This is how I do it. I muddle the sugar though because I like the process.
  9. beyond the band

    Old Fashioned

    I have recently discovered this cocktail. I have also discovered not many places make them correctly either. In my research you use 1 Good Rye 2 sugar 3 Aromatic bitters 4 orange bitters 5 ice 6 twist of orange I have really been loving this drink. Thoughts?
  10. beyond the band

    What music are you listening to currently?

    My daughter bought me tickets to Roger Waters for my 50th. I have never seen him or Floyd despite them being one of my favorites. I find it silly to go to a 60 thousand seat arena and look at a spot of pepper that kinda looks like the person you are there to see. Knowing this she went all out...
  11. beyond the band

    In memory of MadMonk

    Wow Have not been in in a while and this is the news I get. Had a few trades with him and each and every one the PM's we would chat about all kinds of stuff once the business was done. He truly cared about this place and each and every one of us. He and I shared the single dad moniker. Rest...
  12. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2017

    I'll play.
  13. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2015*FULL

    Eff u Paul eff u
  14. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2015*FULL

    Done, Thought I did already. I'll get to deleting PM's tonight
  15. beyond the band

    Finally getting a project off the ground

    I've been at this half ass off road tour thing in Baja for a few years. I kinda have been waiting for my last kid to graduate high school so I can free up some time. Well last June she did and July I booked a tour. It's been better than anticipated. The guests are sharing their experiences and I...
  16. beyond the band

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2015*FULL

    I'm with Doc  I am in the process of moving (so excited) I get internet Monday and will be back among the living.  I'll rank my players like last year and let the system take me to the winners circle.   I have some sticks ready 
  17. beyond the band

    Happy Birthday, Beyond the Band

    Thank you fellas. I had to work today but I,m home now and am planning to enjoy a few fingers of something and maybe something from that little island 90 miles south of FLA!
  18. beyond the band

    4th Annual MLB Random Draw

    So Mr. Gavin informs me on Saturday that I've been entered in this thing. Ok thanks G! Let's hope besball will be betty betty me