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  1. Armer

    "Bands will make her dance"

    I got a really cool wooden cigar keychain of Etsy a few months ago and it's just super coool. So ima start making some just for fun and sending some out to you all. So I have a favor to ask, if you dont keep your bands....send them my way! And I'll make you a cool ass keychain. PM me for addy...
  2. Armer

    God Lawd

    Holy helllllll I came home and the mailbox was on fire, @PaulTra with a napalm bomb🔥💀🔥💀
  3. Armer

    Factory Tours

    So me and my best friend and his lady are gunna go to Florida this time next year. Has anyone gone on a tour of a cigar HQ or factory? Also did Covid shut that kinda thing down? Ohh and since Florida is like the main place for cigar companies HQs can you find more kinds of cigars there?
  4. Armer


    @Jimmy Shaker throwing bombs in the mail!!!💀🔥 thanks brotha
  5. Armer

    Cigar Podcasts

    I started listening to The Cigar authority a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Iv favorited a few others to check out for later. Are there any others you enjoy listening to? Or are there any that are overrated or just full of shit that you dont like? P.s. what podcasts yall like in general?
  6. Armer

    Where do we get them?

    Being new I have never smoked a Cuban cigar. Where can you get them here? Can you order them from like an online European retailer?
  7. Armer

    These guys....

    Shout out to @CigarStone for the newbie present and @JoeMO for the great bomb! Yall are fucking great thank you!
  8. Armer

    Wacha smoking on right now?

    I got a Room101 Fudo Myoo burning right now, I got in this months Stogiebird. Let's see what your smoking on right now
  9. Armer

    CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro Robusto

    Just finished this beautiful CAO L'Anniversaire, and damn it was great! For about the 1st quarter of the smoke the draw was tight and wasn't hitting great but then it just started hitting perfect after a little and it was sooo rich and flavorful. Great cigar!
  10. Armer

    "Tell that mf I appreciate it"

    Just wanted to show CP and everyone on here some love, this place is fucking great and yall are some cool ass people. I appreciate the warm welcomes, advice, and chats and am looking forward to getting to know more of you.
  11. Armer

    Hoping an experienced smoker can help

    So I've only been smoking cigars for about 6 months now, have over the years but now seriously smoking. I bought an Audew electric humidor. I have the temperature set to 69-70 degrees and have two 72% size 60 Boveda packs inside with 40 cigars at the moment (holds 150) Iv got cigars in there...