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  1. mu mike

    International Stout Day!

    Drink those stouts gentlemen!
  2. mu mike

    Euro 2012

    Anyone else watching? Not sure how the Dutch lost. Germany looked bored during its game. I was hoping both teams would lose in the England-France match. Who wins it all?
  3. mu mike

    Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout - any Colorado'ans help with this?

    This was recently released and I'm not sure of the availability, but if any of you guys in Colorado come across this I would love to buy some or set up a trade. I like Avery's various stouts and would love to get some of these. Thanks!
  4. mu mike

    Not again! WTF is this x 3!

    The saga continues... I got home last night from being out of town and found another package waiting for me. Again, I got a huge smile on my face because I knew what was waiting inside for me. I shook it, and heard the wonderful sound of liquid. Hmmm, what am I going to drink...
  5. mu mike

    WTF is this x2! Uh oh, it happened again...

    First, I apologize for being late in posting this. We are putting up a fence in the backyard and they cut our lines when digging for the posts. We have no internet at home so I had to wait until I got to work. With that out of the way, I experienced another incident. Who is responsible for...
  6. mu mike

    WTF is this?

    I got home from work last night and my wife said I received a package. I wasn't expecting one so I was already curious, and anytime you receive an unexpected package you get excited. Here is the package: I didn't immediately recognize the name, although I did remember insight's first name...
  7. mu mike

    Peyton Manning to the Donkeys

    The day....the Teeeeebow died. And they were singing.....
  8. mu mike


    I'm not much of an NBA fan, but it's a cool story and his race certainly makes it a bigger story. Did anyone see the SNL skit about him? Funny...
  9. mu mike

    Dark Lord Day 2012

    Saturday, April 28th (crossing fingers hoping to get tickets!) I've never been and hope I'm lucky enough to go this year.
  10. mu mike

    Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout

    I had the 2010 this weekend and loved it! Going to search for the 2011 this week sometime. I need to search out more imperial stouts (is that the same thing as saying russian imperial stout?) Any suggestions?
  11. mu mike

    Happy Festivus!

    My local shop has a Festivus party ever year. Looking forward to cigars, beer and the airing of grievances tonight!
  12. mu mike

    Timothy Richard Tebow

  13. mu mike

    Paterno fired at Penn State

    What sad state of affairs for Penn State, but they had to let him go. The whole thing is disgusting, from the President, to the AD, to the head coach, to the grad assistant, to the janitors... blame lies in so many places. But more so, it's so sad for the alleged victims. There were numerous...
  14. mu mike

    Winter brews - recommendations

    I always enjoy Sam Adams Winter Lager and Schlafly's Christmas Ale during the holidays, but I'd like to try some others. Any recommendations?
  15. mu mike


    Yesterday the SEC welcomed my alma mater, the University of Missouri, as its 14th team at a press conference on campus. So thrilled and excited to be joining the SEC (and leaving the dysfunctional Big 12 behind us). It's a tough road to hoe athletically, but well worth it for the university as...
  16. mu mike

    Has anyone shipped a piece of furniture across the country?

    I want to ship a chair from Connecticut to Missouri and have gotten some crazy expensive quotes (highest was $560, lowest was $275). There's gotta be a cheaper way to do this. Anyone have any experience doing this and if so, who shipped it for you?
  17. mu mike

    Congrats to my little brother!

    He got invited to major league spring training! Cincinnati Reds website Scott Carroll, #74 He got drafted in the third round by the Reds three years ago and this will be his first action against the big boys. He is a "Non-Roster Invitee" which means he's not on the 40 man roster (yet)...
  18. mu mike

    Cooperstown, NY question

    My son's birthday is coming up and he wants to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Any locals have any suggestions on which airport to fly into, where to stay, and what we can expect in mid-October? I don't know if we're going to go yet, but I'd like to get some info and start planning. Thanks!
  19. mu mike

    "A Team", the movie

    Just saw a trailer commercial on TV for this, anyone heard about this coming out? I have no idea if it'll be good or not, but I'll see it. I pity the fool that doesn't like the A Team.
  20. mu mike

    2010 NFL Draft

    I'm sure I'm not the only guy who loves football on here, but I might be the only nerd watching every minute of the draft. :laugh: My Chiefs picked up three good players that should contribute immediately. How did your team do so far?