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  1. GregSVT

    ISO: Surly Darkness

    I read on Beer Advocate that this was released in stores around Minnesota today and was hoping someone could pick me up 1 or 2 bottles. From what I read there were 7500 released at the brewery and then they were sending 7000 bottles to the stores. Sounds like lots to go around but we'll see I...
  2. GregSVT

    Dallas Tatuaje Event - Cigar Shop & More in Addison

    Pete Johnson from Tatuaje Cigars will be in Addison on Wednesday, October 20th from 4-8pm. They will have a limited amount of Pete's Halloween release ("The Face") for sale. I hope I can pick up a few of these before they sell out. Hope to see some of you guys there.
  3. GregSVT

    Barrel Aged Ten Fidy on sale

    A shop in South Carolina took a keg of this from 2009 and filled bombers with a counter-pressure filler. They were only selling to locals on Thursday and now they are shipping them. It's $20 for the bomber, limit one, and they ship in increments of 3, 6, and 12. I'm not sure if there are any...
  4. GregSVT

    DFW HERF - Humperdinks Addison 3/10/2010

    Jeff (Rebel Herfer) and I will be at the Addison Humperdinks at 6pm on Wednesday if anyone else wants to show up. Kinda short notice but oh well. They have drink specials and allow cigar smoking...even bring you a big crystal ashtray. See you guys there.
  5. GregSVT

    Pete Johnson at Two Bros - Plano, TX

    Just got this email from the Two Brothers Staff: I'm very interested to see any new cigars he plans to debut. I'll be going to the Mavs game at 4pm but I may stop by sometime after 12 to hang out and have a cigar before that. Any DFW guys gonna make it out to this??
  6. GregSVT

    2 Year Anniversary Contest

    I noticed last week that you guys had put up with me for 2 years now so I figured I would throw a contest to celebrate. In honor of this occasion I smoked the cigar pictured below last night, an Opus X RdC from the 2007 Opus 22 set. I'll send out a fiver of some nice smokes to the person that...
  7. GregSVT

    Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Snowflake #1

    Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Snowflake #1 Hungarian White Oak Wine Cask Finish, 94 proof, 750 ml, no packaging, $70, limited edition available only at the distillery. Neat Nose: Minty with an overwhelming alcohol aroma. After sitting for 10 minutes it lost a lot of the alcohol and had a...
  8. GregSVT

    Going to Vegas next month...

    So I'm going to Vegas/Laughlin for a week in September and my g/f has offered to put in $50 towards some cigars at Casa Fuente as part of my birthday present. I plan to add another $100-150 on top of that (depending on how my blackjack and poker playing goes) making my budget $150-200. I want...
  9. GregSVT

    Four Roses 120th Anniversary

    Click here Don't know if I would ever get a bottle of this considering the price but I wonder how much different this is from the regular Single Barrel. Someone should get a bottle and post a review comparing the two. :whistling:
  10. GregSVT

    Loud bumps in the night and a tragedy

    So I had recently set up a 120 quart coolidor in my bedroom closet and while it's not on the biggest shelf it has plenty of room and shouldn't move very much. It was holding 70% humidity perfectly with beads and everything seemed to be going great. In the middle of the night last night I hear...
  11. GregSVT

    My latest haul

    My ER17 was getting low and I really had to search out for these which was probably about an 1 hour & 30 minute round trip. They happened to have the Stagg as well which is the 144 proof...yikes gonna need a lot of water and ice with that one.
  12. GregSVT

    I have a new favorite go-to smoke

    The 8-5-8 Maduro.... I've heard of these beauties but never tried them as I have jumped head first into cigars the past year or so and am drowning in cigars to smoke. A cigar lounge in my area had a Fuente tasting where you can buy 3 and get 1 free so some friends and I went. I bought the 858...
  13. GregSVT

    Talisker 1992 Distillers Edition

    Talisker 1992 Distillers Edition, bottled in 2005, 13 years old, 45.8% or 91.6 proof, $50-$80, available nationwide. My bottle arrived by itself but I've seen it in a box at the liquor store. This is my first ever review of a scotch so bear with me as my taste buds are not as keen as AVB's...