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  1. BlindedByScience

    Happy birthday Ironpeddler!

    Happy Birthday, Gary..!!
  2. BlindedByScience

    There is a destiny that makes us brothers

    Well done, John..!!
  3. BlindedByScience

    Does anyone have 209 primers?

    Get on these guys mailing list, and move fast. Good folks, fair prices, and free shipping for orders over $200. I've used them several times...easy to recommend:
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    Adventures In Home Inspection

    A million years ago, as a clerk at a major grocery store chain, I had the job of emptying the trash from the rest rooms and cleaning up any serious problems. No comparison; the 'Ladies' room was consistently the major hard core biohazard area.....
  5. BlindedByScience

    A word to the wise

    Great hit, from one to another great BOTL's..!! Good work, Floyd..!!
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    Thoughts on CAO Brazilia?

    Many NC's 'turn the corner' after a few years and become very mild to the point of being rather bland. Not uncommon. Not all will, but many do. For 'budget' smokes, honestly I think you let them sit a few months to settle down, RH wise, then enjoy them. Long term aging most of these sticks...
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    Killer Beans Special

    Sent you an to get me some of this...!!
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    Nominate a newb

    Well done, all around..!!
  9. BlindedByScience


    .....and no one has mentioned that Shootr isn't the only one that has BALLS OF STEEL around these parts. You guys are slipping...... 🤣
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    Best place to buy ammo

    This is a decent search engine for ammo. Problem is it turns up vendors I've never heard of, but it's a reasonable way to get a feel for the 'going rate' on ammo.....
  11. BlindedByScience

    Best place to buy ammo

    These guys are more often than not where my supplies come from:
  12. BlindedByScience

    Need assistance on prices for Cuban cigars.

    Agreed, and corrected. Turns out there was a Monte #1 Especial from Cuba. A Laguito #1, not a lancero:
  13. BlindedByScience

    Need assistance on prices for Cuban cigars.

    There is a Cuban Monte #1 which is a Lonsdale, not a Lancero. Available for ~$350
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    Need assistance on prices for Cuban cigars.

    They're only expensive if they can be bought elsewhere at a lower price. I know nothing about this vendor, but a quick search seems to have answered your question. Doesn't seem to be a Cuban release.....
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    Happy birthday Puffstuff

    Best wishes on your own day, Al..!! Make it a good one.
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    JL2 wrapper contest

    Great cigar for the buck, to be sure. Nicely done..!!
  17. BlindedByScience

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    U87 clone...challenging build...!!
  18. BlindedByScience

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    Here's my 500 rack for now. I built everything in it, except the dbx compressor. Currently in a buddies studio, getting rave reviews. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it back...😄
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    Nominate a newb

    Nicely done..!!
  20. BlindedByScience

    Cuba closed again

    Just had a BinaxNOW test at Walgreens. Results in an hour or two. Free.