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  1. Johnny B

    Going to an LCDH

    A buddy of mine is going on trip to Mexico and will be within driving distance of a LCDH and is gonna make a pit stop for me. I’m gonna send him with a shopping list. What do y’all recommend?
  2. Johnny B

    Hey ya'all!

    I know it's been forever since I've been active. I just want to say I'm still around and still kicking! New marriage and work and school and blending a family has taken a lot of my spare time! I miss connecting with everyone and I'll try to make it more of a habit to stop by more often.
  3. Johnny B

    Superbowl wager.

    Couldn't care less about who wins the Superbowl? Couldn't care more? Let me help! Personally, I'm a Jets fan and have no skin in the game. I'd like to see Andy Ried win one, but I'm willing to put up a premium 5er ($10-$15/ stick) on the 49ers to cover the spread. I've been inactive for a...
  4. Johnny B

    Checking in (it's been a while)

    Hey all! I've been checking in every once and a while, but havent had much to write home about. Someone recently posted something on the FB page about people needing to be as active on the site as they are on the FB group and I felt checked. This year has been a whirlwind for me. I left my wife...
  5. Johnny B

    Reluctant admission

    So I've typed up and deleted at least two posts laying out some pretty personal things and thought to myself that the timing wasn't right. Or that I didn't want to be thrown a pity party, but after getting a text message from my soon-to-be-ex wife telling me that there's a package at the house...
  6. Johnny B

    Happy Birthday Acclaym

    You sir, are a generous family member here and a great all around guy! I hope your birthday is a special one!
  7. Johnny B

    Devil Doc

    I saw this and it made me think of you. I hope you're feeling better!
  8. Johnny B

    Any PC builders in here?

    I'm considering upgrading the graphics card and power supply in my current HP desktop with the intention of gradually picking up a new case and motherboard etc. etc . for a new desktop build in the not so distant future. Are there any potential issues with swapping out graphics cards and power...
  9. Johnny B

    Cuban Nuclear Reaearch Facility

    Somehow, some way a cigar not only made it into the Cuban Nuclear Research Facility, but it also made it to my front door. Thanks for the Partagas Culebras, Mr. Frisco, Tx! On a serious note, I was looking at these this month wondering how someone would smoke it. I guess I'll just have to...
  10. Johnny B

    Double Whammy!

    Bill - you got me good! Not only did this guy bomb me, but he very well may have colluded with vodkabob as I received some hooch and the bomb within 15 minutes of eachother. My wife confiscated the Tito's, it's her favorite! Thanks gents! I'm touched.
  11. Johnny B

    Chargers vs Patriots

    Not that I need any extra reason to root against the Patriots but, I'm willing to put up a 5'er against the Patriots' closing spread against the Chargers....
  12. Johnny B

    New addition to the Snyder Family

    As some of you know, I lost a furry family member a couple years ago. With my wife's birthday coming up, I decided to surprise her with this adorable little Texas Heeler/Border Collie girl. Edit: grammer
  13. Johnny B

    Traveling to Denver in November

    I know that @CMontoya79 lives in the Denver area... anyone else? I'll be flying into Denver on 11/11, then driving to Cheyenne for work. I'll be staying in Cheyenne and flying out of Denver on 11/18. If anyone wants to meet up on either, or both of those days, let me know. I haven't booked...
  14. Johnny B

    Anyone heard from Michael

    For some odd reason @MichaelD popped into my mind a few weeks ago. Has anyone heard from him? I noticed that he hasn't been on since 12/7/17. Just a little concerned, I guess.
  15. Johnny B

    Almost didn't make it to my 1st wedding anniversary.

    My family arrived home after a long day at my mother in-law's bday party. I was grabbing all the stuff from the car when when I heard my name being shouting from the front porch. My first thought was, what now? Then my wife shouts again, "Did you order more cigars!? I can't believe you!" My...
  16. Johnny B

    Oliva Event

    Hey guys, my local B&M is having an event and the guys from Oliva will be there. I've never gone to an event like this before and am planning on going. What should I expect? What should I look for? Also, does anyone here have any questions you'd like me to ask them?
  17. Johnny B

    Tiger Woods is back!

    I've got to admit, I enjoy watching golf again, now that Tiger is back! Anyone else like seeing him out there?
  18. Johnny B

    Weapons grade Uranium smuggled out of Hanford nuclear site...

    I lost my eyesight when I opened up a package today. Needless to say, some fella' named Tom, Blinded me By Science. And I thought the DOE could keep me safe!
  19. Johnny B

    Any Xbox Gamers in here?

    I still play NCAA '14, Forza 4 and Black Ops 2 for 360. Any takers?
  20. Johnny B

    Tatuaje Recommendations

    Hi lads! I've heard good things about Tatuaje cigars and am considering picking up some kind of sampler. What do ya'all recommend? Maybe top three? TIA