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  1. Mickey D

    Cohiba Panetelas

    To confirm my observations I guess. screw you all, I’m out.
  2. Mickey D

    Cohiba Panetelas

    I do t give a rats a$$ what you think. Uppity bunch.
  3. Mickey D

    Cohiba Panetelas

    Unfortunately you will never get what you are looking for here. let it go and move on to a forum more civil.
  4. Mickey D

    Cohiba Panetelas

    This group is critical to everyone.
  5. Mickey D

    Cohiba Panetelas

  6. Mickey D

    Where do we get them?

    More like ignorance.
  7. Mickey D

    Today's Smoke 2021

    This afternoon enjoyment. Robusto Maduro Very good flavor from start to finish. A little construction issue in 2nd third with a slight uneven burn. Straighten out with a little corrective measure and burned evenly the final third.
  8. Mickey D

    Big shout out to cigsid!!

    I’ll join in. Good job Bill.
  9. Mickey D


    Screw it, I’ll take it! 🥴👌