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  1. jacot23

    Hank Proia RIP Devil Doc.

    R.I.P. Doc. My condolences to all that knew him.
  2. jacot23

    Today's Smoke 2021

    Finally got to smoke a cigar this year and grill out and pick a little banjo...
  3. jacot23

    COVID 19

    I completely lost smell for about 3 days, but could taste fine the whole time . Couldn't catch my breath long enough to light a cigar during that time so no idea how it would have tasted.
  4. jacot23

    Happy New Year my friends

    Happy New Year All!!!!
  5. jacot23

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. jacot23

    I need a little help

    Done x 2
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  8. jacot23

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    I bought this yesterday, should be here next Monday. Figured I could finish off some cigars with it occasionally.
  9. jacot23

    CigSid’s great Kreskin imitation...

    Is there any way to let everyone EXCEPT him know 😇
  10. jacot23

    Zippo Lighter Inserts

    I remember, was just pokin' fun atcha.
  11. jacot23

    Zippo Lighter Inserts

  12. jacot23

    Happy birthday Jacot23!

    Thanks All! Obviously I need to get my butt back in here more often.
  13. jacot23

    Happy birthday H. Vachon

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  14. jacot23

    Does anyone need anything?

    That's exactly what I ran into with GM 3 years ago. They weren't budging off sticker price if you took the 0% rate. That's the main reason I'm driving a Nissan :D
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    That looks closer to what we've always called a "Rick" around here; which if I understand correctly is about a half cord.
  16. jacot23

    Happy Birthday Acclaym

    Happy birthday!!!!
  17. jacot23

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    Or get card that only has your name on it and don't forget to check electronic statements ONLY.
  18. jacot23

    Happy birthday Cparker

    Happy Birthday!
  19. jacot23

    Happy birthday Flamchop

    Happy Birthday!
  20. jacot23

    Happy Birthday Nicktressler

    Happy Birthday!!