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  1. thinde

    Lancero Luvin

    Great hit!
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    Happy birthday Diesel Grinch

    Happy birthday
  3. thinde

    Happy birthday Diesel Grinch!

    Happy birthday
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    Padron - Accepting orders

    Have questions? Don't hesitate to them a call, Jim and his staff have always been great to deal with. Tobacco Village Westmoreland Mall (Route 30) Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone: 724-838-1090
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    Secret Santa 2021 Sign Up

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    Happy birthday Jayro75!

    Happy birthday
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    Happy birthday JHolmes763 !

    Happy birthday
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    Adventures In Home Inspection

    That is sad, piss poor workmanship. Hard to believe they didn't know the fire clay stack didn't have to be mortared. I've never seen anything like it. Before they wright the place off they should consult with a wood stove vendor. There's got to be some sort of liner/insert that they can get...
  9. thinde

    Vehicle with 3rd row seat

    We bought a Toyota Sienna mini van when our youngest was still in diapers and had it for about 11 or 12 years. I didn't care for driving it but the wife loved it. She was able to ferry our kids and some friend from one place to another with plenty of room to spare. It was ugly but we never had...
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    What's on your plate today?

    We had some friends over yesterday so my wife made pizza and salad for dinner. Four of us devoured it all........along with a couple of bottles of dry Cab......... - Sautéed onions and garlic with shredded mozzarella, shrimp and prosciutto on top - Shredded mozzarella and mushrooms with fresh...
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    Not just another "bombing" post...

    I thinks it’s great that he continues to spread the love that Brian had for this site and his fellow members. One again…..well done!
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    This is Fargin War

    Nice hit Anthony!
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    Happy birthday Stogieman !

    Happy birthday Charlie!
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    Happy birthday Smokin’Sims !

    Happy birthday!
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    Amazing bomb from Anthony!!

    You won Anthony, great target!
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    Happy birthday Not A Nice Person

    Happy belated birthday Boar! Hope you had great day.
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    Welcome from Ct.
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    Well done Justin!