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  1. 2K6TBSS

    @CigSid, You don't play fair!!!!

    So, I sent Bill a PM asking about purchasing some colloidal silver from his next batch. He replied back with he would let me know when he had another batch ready and would get some out to me. I get a PM last week with a tracking number for the colloidal silver. I asked him what I owed him...
  2. 2K6TBSS

    Sous Vide Cooking

    I have been wanting a sous vide for a while, and the wife got me one for Christmas this year. So far we have tested with chicken breasts and pork chops. The one she got me is the Anova AN500 (1000w) WiFi version. I just ordered a 12qt. container with lid and racks to make the cooking a bit...
  3. 2K6TBSS

    Dollar Shave Club

    Does anyone on here use this service, or know anyone that does?  I have been thinking about joining, but would like to hear un-filtered feedback before jumping in.
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    Going to be in Annapolis MD 5/18-5/24

    My cousin is graduating from Annapolis!  I know that I have Thursday and Friday booked with graduation stuff, but would like to meet up with some guys if they are close to that area.  I will have a vehicle, so can drive if needed.   Any one available, or know of a good place to enjoy a cigar there?
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    Has anyone done the Whole30 "diet"

    First off, I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmans and NEw Years!   I joined a Crossfit gym a few months ago and have seen some good results so far, with keeping my current (not so good) diet.  I was talking to the owner of the Crossfit gym I go to and he told me about the Whole30 "diet".   It...
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    Will be in San Diego area 10/5 - 10/11

    I will be in the San Diego area for a week.  Taking the kids to Sea World, Lego Land, and some other places.  I should have most evenings free, and would like to meet some of the So-Cal guys if possible.
  7. 2K6TBSS

    Beer forums, and another question

    What forums are you guys on?   I want to find a forum that would be similar to this one, you know the whole family/tight community feel.  I just started home brewing, and want a place I can find good answers and information.
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    CigarSid you had to go there?

    Bill, A package arrived last night from "Bill's Herf House". I can't tell you how humbled I am to receive such a nice selection.  Your generosity went way above and beyond!  Every cigar in the package is a new one that I didn't think I would have an opportunity to enjoy.   Thank you again! Jeff
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    Rod, Clean out your inbox

    Tried to send you a PM, and the system is saying your inbox is full...
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    Jimmy, I had to sleep outside because of you!

    The last few weeks have been a bit rough.  Between losing my wife's grandmother, and then two days later finding out her grandfather's cancer was back   Having to fight being sick while at the services for her grandmother, then coming home and sharing my stomach flu with the wife and kids...
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    Very short notice: Going to be in Clarksville, AR

    Had a death in the family, and will be in the Clarksville area tomorrow through Tuesday.   I would like to have a cigar in her honor to celebrate her life, and possibly meet some CPers.  If you live in the area, and are available for a cigar I would love to meet you and have a cigar in my...
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    Thank You Mystery Bomber!

    Sorry it took a little while to post this.   Came home Tuesday to a mailbox that was destroyed.  Inside the rubble I found the remains of a bomb that was sent to me by a very generous mystery bomber.  The package contained an over the top selection of sticks.   Whoever you are, thank you so much...
  13. 2K6TBSS

    Thanks again "Sneeds"

    It appears that Sneeds forgot to send all of the contents on his first bomb.  He decided to send the rest from the great state of Michigan.   Thank you to the mystery bomber.  I greatly appreciate the selection, and the hooch!
  14. 2K6TBSS

    The "Sneeds" attack has made it's way to Cali!

    Got home from the office yesterday and the wife said "You got a box, what cigars did you buy this time?"  Right as she got done saying that the box exploded and destroyed our kitchen, luckily the family was in the other room when the explosion happened.   To whoever the mystery bomber is, thank...
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    24k gold cigar only $500/each  really???
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    Giving back to some Newbs!

    Pending TallPaul's approval, I would like to do a small contest for the Newbs... :thumbs:  If Paul doesn't approve, please invoke the Pembrooke rule on his account. :cool:     This "contest" is for all newbs that joined between June 1st, 2012 and January 31st, 2013.  All normal rules apply, no...
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    What are you smoking for the end of the world?

    I'm thinking a Padron 1926 #2, or a Lost City Lancero.
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    Going to Disneyland in a few weeks.

    Taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time! Was hoping there would be some BOTL's in the area that would be interested in getting together for a smoke. I will be heading down there on Saturday September 8th, and coming home on Wednesday 12th. I would have probably every evening open...
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    My brother in-law is extremely lucky to be alive today...

    He was riding his motorcycle by his house in Arkansas and was kicked in the head by a deer. I guess what happened was that a deer jumped out in front of him, then tried to jump over the motorcycle and kicked him in the head in the process. With Arkansas not having a helmet law, he was not...
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    Major SCORE!

    I was driving out of my development and saw a Magic Chef 52 bottle wine fridge sitting on the curb with a sign that said "FREE, Needs thermostat. Please take me." I thought to myself, as a cigar person the sign says "FREE, Needs Heartfelt beads. Please take me." So, I brought it home! I...