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  1. jimfox

    Favorite Edicion Regional

    There are quite a few Regional releases available. Been thinking about trying the JUAN LOPEZ SELECCION SUPREMA UK...... What do you like?
  2. jimfox

    Short Panetela or Petit Corona Suggestions

    I'm looking for Short Panetela or Petit Corona Suggestions as these have become favorites of mine. They're fairly quick and quite enjoyable. With so many options I'm looking to see what your comments may be and whether you like this size range or not. I personally enjoy the Cohiba Siglo I &...
  3. jimfox

    Ramon Allones Phoenicio Lebanon (30yr Anniversary)

    Anyone ever tried these? Are they still around? Please PM me if you prefer. Thanks
  4. jimfox

    Cohiba Gran Reserva

    Saw a post from last year on this. Hoping to hear current thoughts on them.
  5. jimfox

    Partagas Serie P No 1 Jars.

    Anyone tried these? Seen it? Know any detail about it? Thanks