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    What What?

    Dude... How do you even find something like that?
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    Whatever happened to.......?

    I'm still here...check in daily...don't post much...Lots going on. gotta go.
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    Randy Moss... pretty upset, I guess...

    HMMMM>>>Randy Moss, kicked out of Notre Dame before he even attended one class. Kicked out of Florida for smoking weed. Decided to play at Marshall (where I went) with Chad Pennington for two years. He decided to go pro after he finished 4th in the Heisman and he had a GPA of about -1.0. I...
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    What's Your 20?

    :p TEXASS
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    Two Short Stories

    The smokes went out today... should get them by Tuesday.
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    Two Short Stories

    I loved this cartoon as a kid, it was so cool. His Sword of light could cut through anything and princess Ariel was HOT.
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    Two Short Stories

    We have a your snailer.
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    Two Short Stories

    The year 1994: From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction. Man's civilization is cast in ruin. Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn... A strange new world rises from the old: a world of savagery, super science...
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    Two Short Stories

    it is a quotable phrase from my1980's youth. you deamon dogs.
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    Two Short Stories

    I have two Short Stories to send out if you can tell me where the phrase "Lords of Light" came from. It will be over at 10 pm est.
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    Little Geography Test

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    Pop-Up Blocker

    I signed on to CP a few minutes ago and noticed that my pop-up blocker blasted a message. {sorry benjiev, I wasn't being a dick, I didn't get the message} Is there any way to be more selective on the blocked pop-ups or do just have to pay more attention.
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    JR's 1 O'clock madness, special. pt.2

    Macs are a bit mild but have a decent flavor. I like them for a morning smoke.
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    Padila Cigars

    oh yea...if the idea sounds good to you I want to be the first to sign up. :D
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    Padila Cigars

    Padilla, You have given a very discriptive and yummy overview of what sounds like a well constucted product. I thank you for that. If you would like to distribute a few of these smokes around to sample why not do what this BB is all about. A PASS. Only it will be takes and no puts...
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    Anyone want to help a friend?

    Joe. Has she sent the package yet... I am behind. Hell, they don't live 15 miles from me. They live near Ritter Park. (I grew up just outside of Huntington.) If it isn't too late LMK and I will get something out to him.
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    EMS Personnel

    I am an EMT but haven't had any ride time in several years. I work in a Medical Center (ER) for the past 6 years. recently switched to the Cardiac Cath Lab for a change of pace.
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    Richmond Herf

    Damm... I will be spending a very long weekend in Williamsburg during the week of Thanksgiving. :(
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    Elitist Fog's

    Dave... My appoligies go out to you for my short list blunder. You are one of the most elite FOG"s here... other than Matt of course. (all hail) And I agree with the comments of Shadow and MattR outclassing the field of players. They have been very generouse to me in the past, with...
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    Elitist Fog's

    Man...this subject is OLD and TIRED. why not give it a rest and flame on me for a change... because I don't give a ****. You guys whine and bicker because someone hurt your feelings (boo=hoo). IF you look around there are no FOG's left other than Shadow , MattR and Dawn (I don't know how she...