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    2021-10 La Gloria Cubana Serie D. No. 5, Exclusivo Espana (2017)

    Wow, that's a fantastic in depth review! Never had an RE so can't comment on the flavor profile being all over the map, but your review made me want to go pick up one of the ones I've been saving in the humidor just to find out!
  2. J

    Regionals information

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but according to the posted information every Regionals is in a particular vitola that will only be used for that release, unless it is a retired regular production size?
  3. J

    Hoping an experienced smoker can help

    Thanks for the tip about CS! I'd never considered using it to reduce the chances of mold!
  4. J

    Proper ratio for a cigar humidor

    Depends on the cigars, I prefer how alot of my cigars smoke at around 65% humidity (70% feels almost too humid on alot of my cigars). Sconded on moving to a cooler location for lower temps.