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  1. PuffShePuff

    do you punch your cigars or cut them?

    I have an 11mm punch that I like to use on Robustos and smaller. Anything larger gets cut. Jim
  2. PuffShePuff

    Honey baked ham stores - never again!

    No. 2 son works at Honeybaked Ham. He brought his Dear Old Dad a fat tasty ham. No waiting, no charge. I Love that boy. Jim
  3. PuffShePuff

    Congratulations Moki

    Always cause for celebration. Congratulations. Jim
  4. PuffShePuff

    I have sad news.

    I only knew Brian through his posts, but he was obviously a gentleman of the first order, and touched many lives. Rest In Peace Infinity. My prayers to his family. Jim
  5. PuffShePuff

    Obama wins

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Be on your guard Israel. Jim
  6. PuffShePuff

    Wrist Check!

    Swiss Army Renegade I bought on Ebay. Jim
  7. PuffShePuff

    Major Announcement - Cigar Community as a whole

    Well played Rod. Thanks for all your hard work, and really giving a hoot for all of us. Jim
  8. PuffShePuff

    Contest: Guess My Fill-up II

    $10.23 Thanks for the contest Jim
  9. PuffShePuff

    CP Shirts are here - Order online

    Got it a couple of days ago. Kudos on the shirt Rod. I like it alot. Jim
  10. PuffShePuff

    Movie worth viewing

    I watched The Counterfeiters a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. I didn't mind the subtitles as the language added to the characters authenticity. My hat's off to anyone who survived those camps (or had to test shoes). A very good movie. Jim
  11. PuffShePuff

    Bernie Mac DEAD!

    Bernie always made me laugh and we are poorer for his passing. Really makes you aware of your own mortality. 50 years old. Rest In Peace Bernie. Jim
  12. PuffShePuff

    CP Shirts are here - Order online

    Ordered mine a couple of days ago. If you spoke up and voted it's time to step up and order. Thanks Rod. Jim
  13. PuffShePuff

    RTDA Updates

    Good news, good sticks, good vibes, and I can smoke Tats again. Thanks Jim
  14. PuffShePuff

    When trying a new cigar...

    When trying a new cigar, if I think it'll be good or if I've heard that it is, I'll buy two. One will be a Robusto and the other will be whatever the next size smaller is. This way I can double check the first test, and by getting two different sizes, I figure the Torcedor won't be the same guy.
  15. PuffShePuff

    OMG! Have you read Mowee's piece on the RTDA this year?

    I won a 4pack of mac Tubos a few months ago on CigarWorld's website, so it only seems fair that I buy this good deal 3pack from them. Order placed Jim
  16. PuffShePuff

    Rough times....

    Thoughts and prayers sent up. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Jim
  17. PuffShePuff

    LFD Double Ligero Chisel

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to pick up a few this week and try these different methods. While I would probably gravitate towards slicing off a bit of the tip, punching might be the ticket too. We'll see ( but not all in one day , that's for sure). Jim
  18. PuffShePuff

    LFD Double Ligero Chisel

    I haven't smoked a Chisel before, so I never thought about how you "open" the head. The link is to Rush Limbaugh's website where he is talking about pinching the head and a caller says he was told to use a punch. Just wondering...
  19. PuffShePuff

    CP T-Shirts - Want one?

    Large for me. Thanks Rod Jim