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  1. britanyweel

    What's in your pipe? 2021

    No one beats my pipe. Yours are cool, but mine is even cooler, haha. Alright, I sound rude, but I have a rick and morty pipe. I got it as a gift for my 21st birthday, and it rocks. What can be better than smoking some good stuff and watching Rick and Morty?? I recommend you all to do this too...
  2. britanyweel

    Herf Haul, Houston Style

    Where can I find a Alex Siglo VI cigar? I want to buy it as a gift for my boyfriend. We live together, and I know he's such a fan of these, but I can't stand the smell. It took me a while to find this forum btw. I bought a whirlybird installation for the smell, so I won't have to inhale his...