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  1. lurch

    the social network

    Anyone seen it? <BR><BR>I just watched it last night and I thought it was amazing... Jessie Eisenberg did such a good job playing Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the supporting cast did pretty amazing as well. Even Justin Timberlake did a good job. However, I thought parts of his dialouge felt a...
  2. lurch


    It's been a long eleven months of waiting since finding out I was selected, but on the third I finally pinned on SSgt. Then, today, the command informs me that I've been awarded another promotion to be the new Ground Safety Officer. It means that I'll be in charge of all safety aspects for...
  3. lurch

    It's been awhile...

    I've been on another deployment for the past couple months so naturally I haven't been around very much. I just wanted to stop back in and say hey to the old crew and another hey to the newer crew. I've been letting my stock dwindle the past year because of financial strains but we've pulled...
  4. lurch

    Selected for Staff Sergeant

    So about a week ago I found out that the promotion board was going to be done a little sooner than usual. Immediatly my nerves started to rattle as I thought this was a bad sign. Boy was I wrong.... I picked up on the first try and let me tell you, it feels gooooood.... There was some stiff...
  5. lurch

    Completely Unnecessary

    Damn.... Try to help somebody out and he goes and decimates you. Way over the top and definately appreciated man.
  6. lurch

    CAO Bratalia

    It was good. Tasted like tobacco. Not roasted this and toasted that... Just good 'ol tobacco. If you can get your hands on one, do it. It was definatley a good smoke and worth it. Thanks to the man that walloped me over the head during the war!! Well then, links don't work like the old...
  7. lurch

    Happy Birthday Jay (altercall)

    Happy Birthday big guy... Know you haven't been around very much lately, but I thought I'd throw this out there anyways. Enjoy your day and smoke something good...
  8. lurch

    (Almost) Perfect Day

    Day started off pretty weird today... I had to perform a funeral for a former Marine at 1000. I'm in charge of the firing detail that fires the 21 gun salute at a Marine's funeral. So, I did that this morning and was totally expecting the rest of the day to be marred with depression and...
  9. lurch

    D/FDUB Guys

    Lurch is coming back into town on July 3 (roughly). Wife and I are starting the drive early on the 1st with our daughter so I'm going to take my time and relax on this drive. My schedule is pretty much open from the 4th until the 10th so let me know when everyone is good to get together and...
  10. lurch

    Crazy week

    Alright... Long story short... My Staff Sergeant is and has been weak leader since I got to this unit. He's just very unorganized and very nonchalant about what we do here. Needless to say, on Tuesday he was releived of his command. We're a smaller division than most others in the Phrog...
  11. lurch

    Tatuaje Verocu #9

    Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu #9 Wrapper/Filler/Binder: Nicaragua 4.5" x 49 Pete describes this as a "Havana VI on steroids". I think he's right. Massive amounts of flavor to go with the massive amounts of smoke. This is a smaller smoke than I tend to smoke but anything by Pete/Pepin is good...
  12. lurch

    Fuggin Holt's

    I ordered the Verocu #9 with the Free ashtray. I ordered it on Sunday and received it today. Awesomely fast shipping. Only problem is that I seem to have gotten the Ashton ashtray instead. Fuggers didn't even bother to call me and see if it was ok. They just assumed that someone ordering...
  13. lurch

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Since the last one was closed I'd figure I'd start up our next one.... So... have at it...
  14. lurch

    Coastal Virginia is Snowed In!

    This is what happens when snow hits an area not used to the white stuff. All schools are shut down. Our daughter's dentist called to cancel her appointment. Work shut down... This place is weak!!!
  15. lurch

    This day in 1945...

    Sorry for all the links. Stupid Wiki... ************************************ "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" is a historic photograph taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. It depicts five United States Marines and a U.S. Navy corpsman raising the flag of the United States atop Mount...
  16. lurch

    1970's HdM Excalibur

    Alright, here's some background on this cigar. I got this during the holiday season of 2007 from one of the D/FW BOTL's before I went to Iraq. He told us that it was a 1970's HdM Excalibur. I was wondering if anyone knew anything else about this cigar besides what I already know...
  17. lurch

    Home Networking Help

    I need some networking help... I'd prefer someone give me a call to explain what's going on... Shoot me a PM and I'll give you my number... Thanks for the help!!!
  18. lurch

    Tat Frank

    Free Tat Frank to the first person with over 2 months here to PM me... In the subject say "I'm yer Huckleberry" and I'll send you a Tat Frank. Just cover the shipping and it's your's.... BTW... I haven't touched them since the first week they came out and they are smoking like a dream....
  19. lurch


    Anyone here know how to deal with a scammer? I'm selling some stuff on CL and someone is trying to scam me. I want to do all I can to try and stop them. I'll PM you the e-mail they sent me back regarding the armoire I'm trying to sell.
  20. lurch


    :whistling: 0103 8555 7496 4256 3731