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  1. bfreebern

    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    Who wouldn’t be happy with an annual payday of $1.2M, for not even playing anymore!
  2. bfreebern

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Before I forget tomorrow, just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day fellas! We’ll all be busy watching golf or grilling or doing what you love, but take some time for yourself. Father’s tend not to make a big deal about their day, but enjoy it. Have a cigar or two, with your favorite beverages...
  3. bfreebern

    And we're done........

    FINALLY. What a strange year, but we made it through. The last SS package was delivered and we'll get this closed out and look forward to 2021. Hopefully the USPS can get their shit together, between now and then. Thanks for participating!
  4. bfreebern

    Non traditional "Christmas" videos!

    I'll start with one of my favorites:
  5. bfreebern

    Coffee BOMB!

    Holy shit, I got blown away, by a box full of Bird Rock coffee. I'm looking forward to making a pot tomorrow. Who is the person who sent this? I'd love to say Thanks.
  6. bfreebern

    Needing a Santa sub

    I need someone that isn't playing and wants to help fulfill one of our kids.
  7. bfreebern

    Ok, we're well on our way!

    All Santa's have posted their kids thread and all kids, have responded. Nothing makes me happier, then people hitting their SLAs and ensuring we stay on track. Well, maybe a good BA stout and a cigar, might make me happier, but I'll take my wins where I can get them. On the other hand, maybe...
  8. bfreebern

    Early Christmas gift

    My wife got me an early Christmas gift, for my office area. Thanks to @Brickhouse Wyatt, for hooking me up with the papers, 4 years ago. Now I just need to get a Green Bay one or two, from 2010!
  9. bfreebern

    PlayStation 5

    Anyone have a lead on a console? Looking for one for a Christmas gift.
  10. bfreebern

    SS 2020 Participant list

    Let's get this moving and make it the biggest SS to date. Below are the members that have signed up and have sent me their info (address/phone/etc) in a PM. If I'm missing anyone, let me know. I will use this thread going forward, to list all participants. 1. cabaiguan juan 2. CBoukal 3...
  11. bfreebern

    Ok, valid question here.......

    When are you being pressured to allow decorations for Christmas? I usually give the OK, the day after Thanksgiving........but it's been earlier and earlier. I'm already getting pressured to let the girls/wife decorate, but we're having family over for Thanksgiving. What say you? I might give...
  12. bfreebern

    Michael Jordan CA interview

    MJ interview I had high hopes, when watching this, but was let down. I've never been a fan of Marvin and this video confirms that. It could have been such a better interview, I think it missed the mark. It seems they wasted a pre-embargo cigar, as well. I would have loved to know what...
  13. bfreebern

    I need an investor :)

    Anyone want to invest in this with me? I'll share, I promise.
  14. bfreebern

    Thanks Clint!

    Got a nice 5er in the mail today, unexpectedly. I sure hope it wasn't because of my whining, about losing your mileage contest :confused: Us Jeep guys have to stick together, LOL. Thanks buddy @Maduro Clint these will be enjoyed and appreciated!
  15. bfreebern

    Looking for Blanton's....

    My collection is growing faster, than I can drink, but that's how it's supposed to be.....right? Would love a bottle of Blanton's. I can trade beer or local bourbon that's not available in your area. Or, if you run across a bottle, I'll PP you the $$$. Thanks!
  16. bfreebern

    A bourbon newbie's opinion............

    Of the bottles that I've purchased so far, here are my ratings: Weller Antique 107 Weller Special Reserve Buffalo Trace Four Roses Single Barrel Elijah Craig Small Batch How would any of you rate these? I have a family member, bringing me a bottle of Eagle Rare 10 yr and Russel's Reserve 10...
  17. bfreebern

    Anyone live or drive through Middletown NY or Beacon NY?

    Looking to try some Hudson Valley and Equilibrium beers. Let me know.
  18. bfreebern

    Thanks Thoughts (Brad)

    I came home to a box from Brad, full of a 5er of great cigars. Will definitely enjoy each of these, might even have one in a few minutes. Thanks again @Thoughts ! -B
  19. bfreebern

    A good old fashioned whiskey?

    I had my first old fashioned at Ruth's Chris and really enjoyed it. Any suggestions on a whiskey? Thinking about trying to find Bulleit or something similar. Not much of a straight whiskey drinker, just can't do it.
  20. bfreebern

    What's your latest beer purchase?

    I figured we needed a thread, to post pictures of recently purchased beers, ask questions or show off some local stuff. I'll start it off. Drove to Siloam Springs, to eat with my Dad and stopped at a few bottle shops. I found: 12 BDCS - Ozark Brewing version of BCBS. It's a great beer...