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    Cuban Sources

    I hear Cosmo can hook you up! Rollers
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    When's AVB going to do a group buy on this?

    Seriously, urine whiskey
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    Char broil vertical gas smokers exploding

    My link Be careful if you have this. No recall yet.
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    Chicago Area Monthly Meetup

    When: 5:00pm to close the 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY of every month starting June 2010 Where: We'll be at Cigars and More in Long Grove this month (April 2011) Google Map Who: anybody who enjoys a good smoke and even better company. The point: this is about consistency in sharing good times...
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    A Night in NYC

    Well gentleman, I'll be making my return to NYC for my wife's MBA graduation. Saturday night (the 22nd) I will be free to relax and smoke with you fine and not so fine (I'm looking in your direction Anthony) gentlemen. It will have to be a post dinner smoke, though it can go as long as the bars...
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    BigMac is NYC HERF 2

    Hey gents, I'll be back in the NYC January 6th-10th. I was hoping we could herf on any of the nights or days of the 8th or 9th. I can herf on the afternoon of the 7th, but not the night (anniversary). Let me know what you all are up to. And if I meet up with some people one day and others...
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    MOBIG Must Be Blind

    Wow! I just received a crazy collection of smokes, unbidden, from Jesus (MOBIG). He seriously must not have known what he was putting into the box because, DAMN, those are some amazing smokes! Thanks so much to Jesus, way too generous. I'll have to get you good when I come to NYC in January.
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    Chicagoland Christmas Herf-December 23rd-Humidor Westmont

    Alright you Chicagoans, the Bears suck, the Bulls suck (even if they didn't, who cares), there's no baseball to bitch about, and hockey is still only fun at the arena, so even the #1 ranked Hawks can't keep our interest. But, you know what can...cigars and a guest appearance by Roy R. Frush...
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    Genevere & Old Tom Gins

    So, how many of you have tried these? I've already talked about Hendrick's before and other gin types like Plymouth and Bulldog, etc... but these are all "modern" gins. I've recently gotten this gin Old Tom and so far I really like it. I know Genevere is more like a whiskey than a gin and...
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    Impromptu Chicago Meet Up-Humidor Westmont-Saturday

    Hey chicagolanders, I'm going to be heading over to the Humidor in Westmont tomorrow around 1 o'clock. I finish teaching at Chicago State around 12, so I wanted to check the place out on the way back. Hopefully some of you can make it out despite the short notice.
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    BigMac is NYC HERF

    Hey former-fellow NYC'ers, I'm back this weekend and hoping to see the usual crew on Saturday afternoon. I know not everybody will be able to make it in on a weekend, but would love to see as many as possible. I don't know what the weather will be like Saturday, but I'm thinking it'd be nice...
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    Seattle Pubs/Microbrews for Bachelor Crawl

    Hey Seattle BOTL, I'm going to be in Seattle two weekends from now for my best friend's wedding (Sorry Tone-ny, you're not my best friend). I'm hoping for the bachelor party to put together a pub/microbrew crawl. We're going to try and center it around downtown Seattle so we can walk/cab...
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    Chicago NW Burbs-Barrington Brewfest

    Hey Chicago Guys, Barrington Brewfest is this Saturday. It's 30 bucks to order ticket online, but 35 bucks day of. Barrington Brewfest Here's a partial list from the site. Unibrou, Two Brothers, Summit, Sprecher, Rogue, Redhook, Great Lakes, Goose Island, Flat Lander's, Fat Tire, Berghoff...
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    My Parents House Burned Down...

    I can't move to a new town and have just a few days of peace and quiet. No, Joe (siriusstoogie) has to blow the crap out of my parents house where my wife and I are staying.
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    Farewell NYC Herf Part 2 (05/29/09)

    Hey guys, Rob has been kind enough to offer up his rooftop up in Westchester next week on Friday (05/29) for a herf. The train stop on the Metro-North is right by his apartment, so it's an easy ride up. Top 4 reasons to come: 4)I'll be there. 3) Rob will be there. 2) My beer is traveling in...
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    Farewell NYC Herf (05/27/09)

    Hey guys, as we talked about, I'd love to hang out one more time with the NYC crew before I leave. Next Wednesday is what will work best for me. We can hang out in the city if you want, brass monkey again, or try out that beer garden in the LES Lorely. If you guys have other suggestions, let...
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    Moving Back to Sweet Home Chicago

    Hey guys, my wife got a great offer for a job recently back in Chicago, and so we're moving back to my hometown. To all my Tri-State brothers, it's bitter, I've really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and getting to know you all. I'll be back to visit of course and I'll be sure to announce it...
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    This Thursday (4/23/09) NYC Crew

    Hey guys, it's too long for me until May's meet up. My wife is out of town, so I can smoke cigars all night. Anybody want to hang out? I'm thinking club mac or florios. Looks like nice weather is coming too late for rooftop at brass monkey.
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    Keith's Nova Scotia?

    Anybody try the stuff? Just saw a spot on it on a travel show. Anyone seen it in the US, it looks like they only distribute north of the border.
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    Now this is homebrewing!