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  1. H311oLHD

    It's been awhile...

    CP! It's been awhile! I've missed you guys, but it's so awesome to see a ton of familiar faces still around! I never stopped smoking cigars, just a change in careers, a new house, and a puppy got in the way of my forum activities. I hope everyone is doing well, and I'm looking forward to...
  2. H311oLHD


    Hey all,   Sorry I've been a bit of a stranger lately, but life has been busy!  Anywho, I recently moved into a new house (like 10 months I guess not that recent) and my neighbor 3 houses down is always sitting on a lawn chair outside the front of his house, enjoying a cigar.  I have no...
  3. H311oLHD

    CigarFest 2014

    Hey guys,   Is anyone attending cigarfest 2014?  This will be my first year going, and I can't wait!  Just wanted to see if anyone is planning on attending.   Thanks,    Aaron
  4. H311oLHD

    Foundry Elements

    My wife dropped me off at husband daycare today (my local) while she went shopping. I stumbled across a very interesting cigar from foundry called elements - helium is the size I chose (6.5 x 56). It's a small batch cigar out of General Cigar. So far the cigar is really enjoyable! It started off...
  5. H311oLHD

    Heading to Huatulco, Mexico

    My wife and I leave Sunday for a week vacation to Huatulco, Mexico to celebrate our 6-month anniversary! Has anyone been there? Any good places to find cigars? CCs not necessary, sometimes it's just fun to find some locally rolled cigars. We are staying at the Dreams Huatulco, which I heard at...
  6. H311oLHD

    Rh drop when my wine fridge is running.

    Hey guys, I recently got a wineador and I'm going through some RH growing pains. When the fridge is not running it'll be at about 68%, but when it runs it'll drop to 45%. It doesn't run a lot, probably 3 times a day for about 10 min or less. I have a compressor type cooling system. I'm not...
  7. H311oLHD

    Honeymoon cigar blog

    Aloha from Hawaii!!! As many of you know I just got married and currently on my honeymoon. The new wife has been quite awesome and understanding of my want to smoke on this trip. So far ive had the opportunity to smoke a few cigars and would like to share my thoughts. Day 1: no cigars... Too...
  8. H311oLHD

    I'm getting married next weekend!

    Can't believe my big day is just around the corner!! Although I proposed to my fiance last summer, it seems like yesterday. Right now I'm filled with all sorts of emotions - mostly anxious and excited, but also a little nervous! Just wanted to share this with my brothers! We are honeymooning...
  9. H311oLHD

    Going to Vegas next week for my bachelor party

    Hey fellas, As the title says, I'm going to Vegas next week for my bachelor party. I haven't been to Vegas since turning legal, but am going with some buddies that are Vegas regulars. We are staying at Ballys, Wednesday - Sunday. I have a few questions for you all... 1) are ANY poker rooms...
  10. H311oLHD

    Cigars At Your Price- Good source?

    Hey guys, I've always been a cautious buyer and know that if something is too good to be true, than it probably is... That being said, is a good source to buy cigars? I noticed they posted a message in the retailers section offering free ground shipping on orders of...
  11. H311oLHD

    New extension of the Illusione brand!

    Hey guys, just saw that Dion released a maduro line of illusiones! Anyone seen these or tried one yet?!
  12. H311oLHD

    Good cigar shops in Madison, WI

    Hey guys, I'm going to a wedding in Madison this weekend and will have a little bit of downtime on one of the days. Any stores I need to check out? Thanks, Aaron
  13. H311oLHD

    The best part of ODO?

    The best part of having ODO is reaching in your humidor and continuiously pulling out cigars from `08/`09 that you had forgotten about!! Only problem: my upcoming wedding has all but put the brakes on my ODO! -Aaron
  14. H311oLHD

    NCAA Pool

    There's a post already in the sports room, but just in case not everyone looks in there on a daily basis: I was thinking of starting an NCAA pool if theres enough interest. Post in the sports room if you're interested!
  15. H311oLHD

    2012 NCAA March Madness pool- feeler----Cancelled - See other Pool&#33

    Anyone interested in doIng a march madness pool this year? I'll set one up if theres enough interest.
  16. H311oLHD

    Great deal at New Site Launch Special (MSRP $39.95) $9.95 LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER PLEASE! PHATASH.COM NEW SITE LAUNCH SPECIAL INCLUDES: 1 - Tatuaje El Triunfador Limited Edition Lancero (7.5x38) 1 - Joya de Nicaragua...
  17. H311oLHD

    Another youngin` needing some CP magic on the job front!

    With all of the luck CP has been having on the job front as of late, I was hoping you fellas could send your good vibes to one more brother in need of them. I've been working for my current company since I was a senior in high school, worked for them throughout college and received a promotion...
  18. H311oLHD

    Boveda One-Step Calibration

    Sorry, very quick question here: Is it likely that a Boveda One-Step Calibration Humidipak could be dried out PRIOR to breaking the seal of the calibration kit? Reason I ask, this is my first experience using one and I got it from a Binny's Alcohol and Cigar store. I don't know how many of...
  19. H311oLHD

    Very impressed by Famous Smoke Shop...

    I just ordered a 4pack sampler of Pinar del rio robustos to try out and got a fantastic deal on them...but that's not why I'm impressed with FSS. From my limited experience, FSS is the only company that I've dealt with, that includes the date that the company received the cigars into their...
  20. H311oLHD

    Opus X with a blue and red label?

    Anyone seen or know what Opus X has a blue and red label? This cigar is definitely a few years old, I've never seen the Opus in this color? Thanks in advance, Aaron