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  1. modo22

    Santa's Helpers 2021! (NSFW)

    Fine, I will start this o_O o_O Good god!!
  2. modo22

    My kids were once innocent...

    Well @Thoughts caused a parenting moment.... Thanks Brad for blowing me up with some surprise smokes!! I didn't expect that, but you are very generous. And my kids who help get them mail had a strange look on their face when the handed mom a box that was "not sex toys"! HAHA! Funny as hell...
  3. modo22

    JL2 wrapper contest

    Contest is simple. I have fallen in love with JL2s the last few years and am amazed at the difference in color difference that exists from years to months to box codes. I am not an expert like some here, but I wanted to share some of the fun! I miss seeing contests on here, so hope yall...
  4. modo22

    Red Lights everywhere!!!

    I was driving home today and hit every damn red light! It was incredible... got me thinking about the red light district......And then I get home and @kann nearly took my wife's leg with a massive Hague bomb of thoughtful and tasty treats!! Thank you so much the kids will love it all; BUT I am...
  5. modo22

    CPFFL Cash League Year 12 *FULL

    Here is a link to last years league; Nothing much has changed since last year. We may have 1 spot to fill. We would like to open this up to current upstanding members before any others. Are there any CP members with 6+...
  6. modo22

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2021 Season

    Time to start thinking about our upcoming 2021 FFL season. I think we should be full again, but wanted to post the 2021 thread to check in on everyone. Here is a link to last years league thread: Below are...
  7. modo22

    I thought I was safe....NOPE

    I sent a poor 10 year old girl to go get the mail and she came back looking like the dark knight from Monty Python!! Damn @JoeMO I thought I was safe from your carpet bombs, but you got me! Thanks for the bday wishes and all the goodies in there. Those are some nice shoots you took! And I...
  8. modo22

    PC issues accessing CP

    Accessing CP via mobile is no issue. But trying to get on this morning via my PC is giving a “forbidden” “you don’t have permission to access this service” message anyone else or is it my dumbas$
  9. modo22

    Everything IS bigger in Texas Bomb

    Aaron, @TexasTraveler amazing Texas bomb you put together for no reason at all other than to spread joy! Thank you very much, I can’t wait to try all the fixings! And the cigars were on my want to try list. I will wait to post any specifics until the rest of these massive Texas bombs have...
  10. modo22

    1970 RyJ Petite Corona (woah)

    On Sunday, I sat and watched football and quickly started to realize that Bill @CigSid was going to ruin my day! Well, I figured I would at least smoke something he gifted me a year or so ago so that I would not be too upset with him. ;);):p So, 50 year old cigar!! I wish I had an inventory...
  11. modo22

    Santa’s helpers - 2020 Mask (NSFW) edition

    I will start this off clean and simple, then you degenerates can go full tilt! We need this to end 2020 with a smile!
  12. modo22

    Youth Golf club help?

    Anyone have any experience in buying a starter set of clubs for the little ones? Looking at not spending a ton for 9/10 year old girls set. Not sure if they will pick it up and stay with it, so not wanting to get custom Callaway sets or anything.
  13. modo22

    I love my CP family!

    I can't really say thank you enough! I have opened many "bombs" before, but never did one while broadcasting it over the internet! With my wedding coming up in 12 days, some amazing CP brothers put together an over the top gift!! I was blown away and am so impressed with what this place is...
  14. modo22

    Groomsmen Gifts?

    So I am getting married this October (insert joke here). The Vegas plans are off, we are both really disappointed about that, but we will make anything work as long as she says "I do". Anyways, I am doing a golf outing bachelor party at the end of September. Some of the guys golf, some don't...
  15. modo22

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2020 Season

    ......In these tragic and difficult times...... Anyways, we are all hopeful the NFL can happen this year. I am more than hopeful as I want that damn trophy from Gary! We will be making some changes this year due to COVID and the potential interruption of games. Regardless, we are a...
  16. modo22

    RP Edge Sumatra - Original Release

    I do not know why I picked this morning, but what the hell....I decided to smoke my last OR Edge Sumatra (2007). The re-released blend is still ok, but can't compare. This cigar was an amazing amazing amazing smoke! I had one back in 2007 and fell in love right away. I was just starting to...
  17. modo22

    Group buy Pats Super Bowl ring ++

    group buy? @Tall Paul
  18. modo22

    1981 RyJ No.1 -bucket list checked

    A few months ago John noticed I made a random comment about smoking a cigar from your birth year. Well he decided to share as he knows best!! I smoked this a few weeks after my bday this March and I was blown away. I honestly didn’t write anything down as I just wanted to enjoy the moment and...
  19. modo22

    2005 Ramon Allones Belicoso

    This review is long over due! I smoked this and reviewed it a few months back. But as most reviews start off; I was gifted this from a very generous man here in our community and he shared with me what he called one of his top favorite smokes! 1st third is so smooth with thick leather and...
  20. modo22

    San Diego, a whales Va...

    Discovered by the Germans right? I am heading to San Diego Monday and my morning meeting just canceled. Now I’m open from 10 till 5pm. Anything I should check out? Any cigar shops? Can you smoke there? I assume not but didn’t know if anyone has been before?