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  1. wavescrashing

    AVB's 15th anniversary Impossible Trivia

    Congrats Ray! It's not your trivia contest if the answer doesn't include Chesty ;)
  2. wavescrashing

    2018 13 Run Pool (4th edition) Now Filled or Filled for Now.

    Indeed I was. Thanks for hosting this Larry.
  3. wavescrashing

    2018 13 Run Pool (4th edition) Now Filled or Filled for Now.

    I'm out of country at the moment and just saw this. Now it's getting good, but I still don't have the dreaded 13. After spending 60 AUD at a B&M for a PSD5 yesterday, I sure could use the winnings. :eek: That's what I get for not packing cigars.
  4. wavescrashing

    RIP Gunny Hartman

    My J hat was previously on the silent drill team, so I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the grinder. I remember the creativity he had on the grinder was a thing of beauty. He once had the entire platoon with our rifles directly out in front of us, two fingers from the left hand on the iron...
  5. wavescrashing

    Houston Area Herf

    I'd be down (If I'm in town).
  6. wavescrashing

    Houston Area Herf

    I'd be down for a recurring meetup in the Houston area (perhaps monthly, quarterly, etc.). Anyone else still in the area open to the idea?
  7. wavescrashing

    2018 13 Run Pool (4th edition) Now Filled or Filled for Now.

    So far, Ironpeddler is looking fantastic with the Astros, although the score of 0 may take a bit longer with that team :p
  8. wavescrashing

    Opening Day 2018 is finally here!

    First time as defending champs, this will be a fun season to watch, albeit on TV as ticket prices have just about doubled. :eek:
  9. wavescrashing

    2018 13 Run Pool (4th edition) Now Filled or Filled for Now.

    I just checked my teams. Not bad! If I place, it'll probably be the Yankees that get me there. Would've preferred my home team (Astros), but can't complain.
  10. wavescrashing

    Cigarpass Book Thread

    Currently reading The Code Book by Simon Singh. It was written in 1999, and provides an semi in-depth timeline of cryptography and cryptanalysis throughout history. It's well-written, and will likely be a quick fun read for me. Now I'm wondering why I didn't pick this up sooner.
  11. wavescrashing

    Cigarpass Book Thread

    Just finished Walter Isaacson's Leonardo Da Vinci this week. Thorough and well written biography, but I can do without the motivational tidbits peppered into a few chapters.
  12. wavescrashing

    Houston Area Herf

    Is it time to revive this thread and is anyone still in Houston (rhetorical question)?
  13. wavescrashing

    Houston Area Herf

    Anyone up for another soon???
  14. wavescrashing

    Texas Cigar Festival 2014

    I'll have to get in on this next year gents.
  15. wavescrashing

    MRN Book....take very good care of them, guys..!

    I wonder if they'll do annual audits to make sure this is being enforced :sign:
  16. wavescrashing

    Min Ron Nee's New set of books $5,000.00

    $4000 in 1835? That would almost by a 1492 Humi by today's standards :cool: I think I'll just add college-rule sheets of reviews I've done, slide them into my first edition, and call it updated!
  17. wavescrashing

    Bolivar Belicoso Finos

    I'm doing well brother. I'm down in Houston now. I'll have to give that a try. I haven't. I'll have to dig and see about starting it up again. Hopefully I didn't develop the palate of a goat between my last review and now :p
  18. wavescrashing

    Bolivar Belicoso Finos

    From a fellow Boli ho, great review Greg. How did the oatmeal stout pair with the BBF? I haven't tried a similar pairing before.
  19. wavescrashing

    Houston Area Herf- April 11th or 12th(lunch)?

    heading out now. Got caught up at work