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    The job-hunt is OVER!

    Well everyone, these past 4 or 5 weeks have been pretty stressful on the Levander household, with me losing my job last month. I've sold cigars I never thought I'd even SMOKE, let alone sell, worked various side-jobs for additional money and even traveled to Kentucky for a weeks worth of work...
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    Louisville, KY

    Hi everyone, I'll be in Louisville, KY on Monday with another BOTL for a little work and play. Our nights will be consisting of cigars and poker. If anyone in the area would like to meet up, please let me know so that I can pack accordingly :) Your friend and brother, Jeffrey L.
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    For the 1st time in 12 years.........

    ...I'm unemployed. My 1st day back at work from having a week off to get married in Vegas, myself and another closer was 'let-go'. I guess it's more cost-effective for the company to split up our clients and divide them upon other closers in different states that weren't nearly as busy as...
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    All packed for Vegas, baby!

    Okay, seriously........I spent more time deciding what CIGARS to pack, then I did my clothes. What you see before you, literally took me an hour and a half to sift through and put together. I like to 'sit' on my finer sticks, but with this being a special occasion, wanted to pull out a few...
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    Hello everyone! I will be in Vegas on Friday through the 9th and plan to be at Casa Fuente Friday evening with my party, to enjoy some amazing cigars on the eve of my wedding day. If there are ANY brothers/sisters that would like to share this special evening with me, please let me know. I...
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    Bomb squad was in Hebron, IL yesterday...

    Got hit VERY hard, yesterday. The good news is that my mailbox is perfectly fine, due to the box not being able to fit in it. The BAD news is that the package was left at my front door......well, where my front door USED to be :) This was completely unexpected and is so very much appreciated...
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    Getting married! :)

    Yup, you read it right! Getting married to my g/f of about 3 years while we'll be in Vegas next month! We've been through our ups and downs over the past couple of years, but managed to work through them and grow even stronger in the process! We booked this Vegas trip a couple months ago and...
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    Jim Belushi smokes Opus X

    I just finished watching 'The Defenders' and in the final minutes of the episode, Jim Belushi was holding a cigar. Upon rewinding and further review, it was the Perfecxion X :thumbs: Jim has good taste. Jeffrey L.
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    Chicago-Land HERF :)

    Hello everyone, I'll be checking out this spot on the 9th for the 1st time and thought I'd see if anyone else would like to meet up for a good time and great cigars! I'll be leaving my house in Hebron around 10am and plan to hang-out for the majority of the day. It'd be great to meet some...
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    It's a sad day in Wisconsin

    Today is a very sad day here in Wisconsin, due to our loss against the Bears last night. With me now living in Illinois and still commuting to Madison, it was especially tough to watch, as all of my neighbors are naturally Bears fans. I'm catching all kinds of grief. Jeffrey L.
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    I FINALLY found them!

    Well, since their release on 9/8, I've stopped at 8 B&M's throughout Michigan, Wisconsin and luck whatsoever. Until today. I was at my local B&M here in Illinois stocking up on some Lost City Opus X, paid up, started walking out, then saw two big boxes with the Padron logo...
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    IL / WI crowd, HERF

    Hello everyone, I'll be at LCC w/DirtyDave this Sunday, from 11am - 3 cigars later :thumbs: Just thought I'd see if anyone else would be interested in joining. If able, please let me know so I can pack accordingly :whistling: Jeffrey L. Edit 8/11: Changed location to Lake Country Cigars.
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    Humidity control preference for cabinet?

    Hey guys, A friend of mine is building me a cabinet and I was wondering what people prefer for humidity control. Currently, I'm running beads in my humi's and coolidor, but have seen a lot of cabinets running either Oasis XL's or Moist-N-Aire's. Should I just stick with beads? Dimensions...
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    Anyone wanna get-together in the Chi-Town area Saturday?

    I'll be in the area all day Saturday for a bachelor party. Doing the Chicago Indoor Racing around noon, Benihana's for dinner, then I was gonna roll-out after that.......everyone is going out 'clubbing' and that's really not my scene. I was gonna head back to my girlfriends house in Hebron, IL...
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    Worlds most expensive cigar?

    So, a friend of mine was at some Gurkha event last night and told me how he held a Gurkha HMR.....I've never heard of this cigar. I looked it up this morning and couldn't believe what I found out! Could this possibly be worth it? $750/stick??? Anyone have one/ever had one? Jeffrey L...
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    Got bombed......real bad

    So, my very good friend Matt (Anthem) is back in town and staying at my house through Sunday...I get home from work a little after 6pm and as I'm pulling into my driveway, I see he's already very comfortable in the club with a cigar and drink in hand. I walk inside the house and am blown away...
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    Authorized Habanos dealer(s) in Cancu

    Hey everyone! A good friend of mine is taking a trip to Cancun next week and is pretty stoked about having ISOM sticks readily available to him. I let him know that there's going to be a LOT of fakes, so I wanted to get some insight on any authorized Habanos dealers in that area, for him...
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    CAO Odyssey 2000-2001

    Hey everyone! A good friend of mine just dropped by my office to gift me a cigar that I've never seen, nor heard of. It's a CAO Odyssey 2000-2001 and is in its own black coffin. I'd say it's a perfecto, ring gauge maybe 54, and length to be approx. 5.5 - 6". Has anyone ever tried one of...
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    My coolidor experience

    Alright, here's exactly what I did and my humidity hasn't changed from 70% since I finalized everything on Sunday night. I picked this up last Saturday: I also picked this up...
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    Yet another WI HERF :)

    Our gatherings are becoming more frequent and larger in numbers. Last Saturdays HERF was a great time, so we're doing another one at a different cigar shop that we enjoy. This time, we'll be at Lake Country Cigars in Delafield, WI. Lets do a start time of 11am, seeing as they're only open...