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  1. mrtapes

    Happy B-Day Mark (mrtapes), enjoy your 49th my brother.......

    Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes guys. I haven't been on this site in many months.
  2. mrtapes

    Quad State Herf VI - Saturday, Aug 20th

    Charlie!!!!!!!! Haven't any idea as to why this wouldn't be successful, you are running it aren't you? Hopefully I'll be able to attend this one, I'm headed to Philly that weekend. Maybe on the way down I can stop by, but not sure.
  3. mrtapes

    AF 858 Sungrown

    If it was me, I go for an "Enchantment"!
  4. mrtapes

    AF 858 Sungrown

    Next time let it age a year or two. They really develop into nice smokes with some age.
  5. mrtapes

    100,000 Cuban Cigars Confiscated!

    You are exactly right Mark Twain, a true voice of reason. The vendors are the real victims here and if reputable they will honor their guarantee of delivery and will have to issue mass refunds. Some vendors won't survive that type of hit, let alone want to continue to guarantee US deliveries...
  6. mrtapes

    100,000 Cuban Cigars Confiscated!

    This is just not good. Been waiting for a shipment from October that never arrived. It's been quite some time and I did not as of yet receive a letter. Hopefully I won't ;-) Because they never arrived I've been trying to see what my next move would be (replacement or refund) and as of now the...
  7. mrtapes

    Hydra Humidifier Problem

    If you bought the Hydra though CI (as I did) they may exchange it for you. I had similar issues with the first one of these I had, exchanged it and the new one was much better.
  8. mrtapes

    Get back to work Charlie! Nuf Slacking!

    Get back to work Charlie! Nuf Slacking!
  9. mrtapes

    Quad State Herf V - Feb 27th, 2010

    I couldn't have put it better myself! I love you like a brother Charlie!
  10. mrtapes

    Quad State Herf V - Feb 27th, 2010

    Just home from the Herf. It was in two parts... The first part at the Meadowbrook didn't quite work out as planned as there had been a power outage in the area and the venue was still without juice when I arrived at 11:45AM to set up the PA system. Hard to have a PA w/o power!!!!!!! Well...
  11. mrtapes

    Pre-QSH HERF at Uptown CIgar?

    Hi Israel, Seems I have to work Tuesday thru Friday next week in order to be free for Charlie's Herf on Saturday. So, Unfortunately I cannot attend your event. Maybe next time? Just thought I'd give you a heads up so you'll have an advance head count. Mark
  12. mrtapes

    Pre-QSH HERF at Uptown CIgar?

    Israel, I'd like to attend as well. Not sure I'll be off of work but if I can swing it, I'm there. I'll let you know the Wednesday before, 2-17-2010. Mark
  13. mrtapes

    CIGARfest 2010 ticket info out today

    VIH tix were $125 each if I remember correctly/
  14. mrtapes

    Happy New Year to You Too! I'm working tomorrow, I do sound for a living, so I almost always...

    Happy New Year to You Too! I'm working tomorrow, I do sound for a living, so I almost always work on New Years! I think I'll smoke a few good cigars tomorrow. A Partagas New Years!
  15. mrtapes

    Quad State Herf V - Feb 27th, 2010

    Nice Charlie! Count me in and I'll bring the sound as usual....
  16. mrtapes

    Sad News: scheduled for cancellation

    It actually looks like they are just discontinuing those sizes in the cardboard packages... Unless I'm missing something.
  17. mrtapes

    Stogieman--isn't it time to think about QSH?

    Patience guys.... I spoke to Charlie about this at the Pepin Dinner the other night and he has some logistics he needs to work out first.
  18. mrtapes

    Don Pepin Cigar Dinner in Kingston, NY

    Israel, What a great time! Thanks for all your efforts in putting this event together. You and the rest of the Uptown Cigar staff did a great job! I was particularly impressed that I was offered and given a cup of Earl Grey Tea upon my arrival at the store! Class act. These cigar events can get...
  19. mrtapes

    Soupy Sales dies at 83

    I had the pleasure of meeting Soupy in 1986 or 87. I was doing a radio show at the time and he was on WNBC. He did a wonderful station ID for my show. I treasure it.
  20. mrtapes

    Met Don Pepin last night!

    Jose is THE MAN! Glad you had a nice time. Every time I see him I wish I could speak Spanish fluently.