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  1. Rob_k

    Regency Cigar Sale

    Yes, as a matter of fact, they are my local shop that I visit every day. These guys are straight shooters and great people to deal with with. Give them a review on yelp if you can, I know they would appreciate it.
  2. Rob_k

    Today's smoke III

    Opus x Lost City robusto to start..... Enjoy your weekend all!
  3. Rob_k

    Today's smoke III

    Got of Fire Carlitto 2009, to start.....
  4. Rob_k

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    2 god of fire carlitto from 2009. Yumm yumm!
  5. Rob_k

    Today's smoke III

    Pardon 1926 maduro ....yummy!
  6. Rob_k

    Today's smoke III

    Davidoff year of the start.
  7. Rob_k

    The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

    Nice lineup so far....
  8. Rob_k

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Davidoff millennium lancero today...too bad it is discontinued, such a wonderful stick. Edit for spelling.
  9. Rob_k

    Flor de las Antillas Toro - Mini review

    Give this stick another shot. I have enjoyed a bunch of them and always found them to be flavorful and well balanced. Then again, it may be my palet differs from yours. Thanks for mini review btw. Edit to add additional comment.
  10. Rob_k

    The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

    What ever happened to the guy out of florida was boating in isom fakes? Had to be 6 years ago?
  11. Rob_k

    Happy B-Day Rob (Rob_k), enjoy your 46th brother........

    Thanks gents...forbidden x lost city lancero is being burned as I type this. So flipping good!
  12. Rob_k

    Happy birthday Gary (Grateful1)

    Habby cake day Gary!
  13. Rob_k

    Today's smoke III

    Alec Bradley Tempus (Churchill size) maudro.
  14. Rob_k

    Better to have love and lost....

    It gets better with time, sorry to hear this. It is a tough ordeal, I went through a similar time with my divorce. We are here for you.
  15. Rob_k

    After a few years of bull...

    Seems that way Jonesy.....resurrection of sorts.   edit to spell Jonesy's name properly
  16. Rob_k

    After a few years of bull...

    Thanks. .good to be back. ...
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  18. Rob_k

    A Like Button for posts?

    Ok......I do get the better interaction here on CP.... twas just a thought.
  19. Rob_k

    I see a few familier names

    Good to see you back!