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  1. CBoukal

    Blind Man's Puff Top 25

    Here is a link to Blind Man's Puff top 25 cigars. Everyone is different so this may mean nothing to you. But at least it gives guys who are looking for different things to try a jumping off point. I will say I participated in one of their blind reviews at the RMCF last year and the cigar was...
  2. CBoukal

    And to all a good night

    As of today I can say that every Santa has sent their favorite cigars and libations. Every child has received all or almost all of the packages and they are ready to settle in for a long winters nap. Thank you to everyone who participated in the SS this year. It went very smoothly!!!!
  3. CBoukal

    Highball glass

    Some of you may remember a friend of mine made me a 32 oz cup covered in my own bands. I still use that every day, but now she just surprised me with a highball glass!!!!
  4. CBoukal

    Reminder that the shipping deadline is quickly approaching

    Please remember that the deadline to ship your kids packages is tomorrow (Wednesday 12-15-21) Obviously if you are waiting one piece I'd rather you wait a day or two than short something. If you are going to ship past tomorrow please PM me. -Chad
  5. CBoukal

    Illusione Haut 10

    I was gifted this awesome cigar from a great brother @jshupp and he asked me to review a few of the cigars he sent. I smoked this one last night (11-29-21) around 7pm. I've never heard of these before receiving it so I did a little reading so I knew what to expect. 1st third - Strong start...
  6. CBoukal

    Don’t leave your home!!!!

    My family and I went to IL to visit the in-laws for Thanksgiving. Upon returning, we turn down out street and our house is GONE!!!! Apparently Jeff @CigarStone launch a huge bomb at my mailbox but the mail lady knew his game. On the way to my mailbox she must have heard it ticking and threw...
  7. CBoukal


    Has anyone noticed the new banner from CigarMillion? I noticed it a week or so ago and poked around the site a little. It's interesting, does anyone know anything about them?
  8. CBoukal


    Reminder for everyone who only looks in this tread. Secret Santa is quickly approaching and the deadline to register is midnight on the 30th of November. If you fit the requirements please feel free to head over to the sign up thread and register.
  9. CBoukal

    Introducing a new bomber

    Just what we need around here is another mad bomber!!!! These newer guys just roll in here and start lobbing scuds around like its nothing!!!! @StogieWear (Dave) makes some awesome clothing which I have a bunch of, but now he is kicking guys in the teeth and blowing up their mailboxes...
  10. CBoukal

    Smoking in the basement

    I am looking for some advice for anyone who has done a smoking room in their home. Obviously it's getting colder so I am thinking of ways to not freeze, but still be able to enjoy cigars. I have an unfinished basement that has a room mostly walled off for a bedroom. I am handy enough to...
  11. CBoukal

    I don't know German, but I know a bomb when I see one.

    Holy snot!!!! @kann just landed a HUGE missile with a lot of things I can't read because they are German. This guy isn't playing fair and needs to be handled properly!!!!! My family and I can't wait to dig further into the box an experience everything, except maybe the can. I will...
  12. CBoukal

    Travel Humidor

    I know a lot of people use cigar caddy and Xikar for travel humidors. I did also until I broke my third one and decided to look for other brands and options. I found Elevate Bar Co. I got their 15 count, It’s larger than the other two brands but not dramatically. It seals really tight and...
  13. CBoukal

    A Shame

    I need a new 10 ct travel humidor. So I looked on Amazon and this one caught my eye. 11 ct, perfect... Well look at how they put the cigars in there. Shame on this company, someone's wife is going to see 11 ct and buy it for their husband, only to find out any normal person can only get...
  14. CBoukal

    Habano Wrapper

    I’ve noticed over the last few months thay the Habano wrapper makes my mouth create more saliva than other wrappers. I’ve heard people mention this in the past that certain people react differently to different wrappers and binders it I was never able to put my finger on it. Finally today I...
  15. CBoukal

    Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival

    Even though tickets are already sold out, I thought I would ask if anyone else is going to the RMCF this year? I found out that @CigarMan Andy goes every year and I didn't know that nor have I gotten to hang with him there. That fact will change next year hopefully!!! He isn't going this...
  16. CBoukal

    Floyd is reeking Havoc

    Man this Floyd guy (@SKYDIVNEKD) is on a rampage lately!!!! He asked if anyone wanted some used books. Well sure that sounds like fun, then WAM!!! Not only is the book WAY WAY more cool than I expected, but he included a second one and some guardians to escort the books to their final...
  17. CBoukal

    Why oh why

    What the frack Ben @modo22 coming off a weekend of no baseball, feeling rested and then BAM. Next thing I know I am chasing after the mail truck wondering why he just blew up my porch. This crew is amazing and he even hit my wife!!! There was something in there that I’ve been wearing...
  18. CBoukal

    CH Juarez shots 2021

    Bought a large box of these as a quicker smoke with lots of flavor. They release them once a year and are limited in production to 500 boxes. I am excited to use these before/after baseball games when I only have 20-30 min but don’t want to sacrifice flavor or power. Lots of pepper, nuts...
  19. CBoukal


    So @CigarStone just posted in the Beer review thread that some people thinks its weird that we call each other "friends" on here. Well let me tell you!!!!! My wife had a full hip replacement a week ago today and I can't tell you the outpouring of well wishes and support I have received...
  20. CBoukal

    Awesome cup

    So a friend of mine made me an awesome cup. It’s finally done and the picture don’t do it justice. She put a layer of bands on it, then clear coat. Then took some of my favorite bands and put them on over and did the clear coat again. It makes them look like they are floating!!!! She is...