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    EL: Novedoso, Siglo VI, Esplendido, La Reina. HdM Rio Seco, HC Rums

    Hello all. I hope everyone is getting ready for the NFL playoffs, to me one of the greatest times of the year. I have some EL bundles of 25 you might be interested in: Behike 54 (5 3/4 X 54)-$700 Behike 56 (6 1/2 X 56)-$800 Siglo VI (5 7/8 X 52)-$600 Novedoso (6 1/7 X 50)-$600 Esplendido (7 X...
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    HC7, Santiago de Cuba Anejo

    Hello all. I have in some 70CL bottles of rum (quantities in parenthesis): (3) Santiago de Cuba-$50 (3) HC Seleccion de Maestros (not pictured)-$100 Shipping is additional. Thanks all, John
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    EL: La Reina, Siglo VI, HC7, Santiago Anejo

    Hello all. I have in some partial EL bundles you might be interested in. All have a colorado wrapper but are a darker shade than most recent batches and some have a light oil: (5) Majestuoso (5 9/10 X 58)-$120 (10) Behike 56 (6 1/2 X 56)-$240 L to R: Esplendido, B56, TTT50 Aniv, Novedoso...
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    Punch La Isla RE 2018, Trinidad Media Luna

    Hello all. I have some robu sized cigar boxes in: Trinidad Media Luna-$225 (12 cigars) Codes: BSM DEC 19, BSM MAY 20, BSM JUL 20 Punch La Isla Cuba Reginal Edition 2018-$225 (10 cigars) Codes: MUP JUL 18, MUP OCT 18, RAG SEP 18 No other cigars in. Thanks all, John
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    HC Anejo Reserva

    Hello all. I have some 1 Liter bottles of Havana Club Anejo Reserva you might be interested in-$80+shipping. No cigars yet. Thanks all, John
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    Hello all. I have some cigarettes in: (2) Carton of HUpmann Non-Filtered cigarettes (200 ct)-$60 each Sorry, no cigars for the moment. Shipping is additional. Thanks all, John
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    Cuba closed again

    According to 14 y Medio and Diario de Cuba, Cuba will be shut down again 1/1/21 for US, Bahamas, DR, Haiti, Mexico, Panama. Mudaflip. John
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    COVID Update

    For the moment you have to quarantine in Cuba for 5 days in your hotel room. No pool, no beach, they even bring your meals to you. Thought I'd take 2 cases of beer down and pass the time that way. Nope, you have to leave your bags at the airport until you pass the second test (7th day). The...
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    Cohiba Talisman (RUM SEP 17)

    Hello all. I have some 10 count boxes of Cohiba Talisman (RUM SEP 17)-$765 shipped. These are the double banded Edicion Limitadas and are from 5ta y 16 or Conde de Villanueva. Thanks all, John
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    Yesterday the Cuban government asked locals to turn in their USD at a 1:1 rate. The locals will be using a debit card system but it hasn't been explained what the situation with us tourists will be. Also no info on any other currencies. The Cuban Peso will still be used but not in any of the...
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    Cuba low on fuel

    Since about August fuel for local consumption has been missing in most gas stations in Havana. Diesel especially, as it has been diverted for government machinery (use). So those guys that got suckered into putting pricey diesel engines into their 52 Chevys are sitting at home a lot lately. The...
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    ERDM La Reina

    Any info on these, size etc? Saw a write up on these in one of those UK sights without any specifics. Looks Lancero-ish but that's about it. Any help would be great. Thanks all, John
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    Need help from coin experts

    Yes, I know it's the wrong thread but here goes. I found a coin (actually my son found it) that I did not know it was that old that I have among my collection. Trying to determine where it is from, it is penny size, any ideas? My guess it is European maybe Denmark. Thanks all, John
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    Anyone been to Cancun lately?

    Hello all. Will be in Cancun for two days and was wondering if anyone had been there lately and if you have any restaurants to recommend. I have been there many times but its been 7-8 years since my last visit. We used to go to a restaurant called La Parilla in downtown. Any help would be...
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    World Famous Pipe Tobacco

    Hello all. Quite a few of you know me from the other forums. Not sure if this is the correct place for it, but thought I'd let you know that I have some leaf that could be used for the pipe. It is all cut up bits and pieces from cigars either from the World Famous format or from La Corona...
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    Commercial Flights and all to the island

    Most of you know that auxiliary cities are being served by US airlines for commercial flights to Cuba. Havana still has yet to be determined. There was some news this week, most charter companies that were serving Cuba will stop operation 10/29/16. Of the 8, two will remain. Who the players are...
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    P-109's and all (this weeks usual suspects)

    LC L to R: P-109's, Sublime, Cazador, Colonials, Flying Pigs
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    Whatever happened to Dark Lord Day?

    Did anyone go this year? Did a search and couldn't find any thread on it or pics. John
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    Rolling Stones free concert

    Mick and the boys are having a free concert March 25 at Ciudad Deportiva Stadium (A sports complex in Havana). Now you have no excuse not to go, it will be a mess to get in there. See you there! John
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    Coolerdoor question

    Hello all, hope you are enjoying the long weekend. I am looking to put together another coolerdoor but have some questions. What Coolers have you recently purchased that are working out well? The reason why I ask is back in the day it used to be said that Igloo's had the better seal...