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  1. Pugman1943

    Wall-less Home

    You ever been coming home and drive by your own house by mistake? Well, I don't know if you call it mistake or not, but when you have walls, roof, doors etc. and suddenly don't see them, what do you call it? Yup, I gots me a problem. Seems our brother @StogieWear doesnt know I live in a...
  2. Pugman1943

    Cigar Price Increases

    Having my afternoon stick at my B&M. Having known the owner for 7+ years he looks up and says " it's official ". Just got my update from General Cigar, Perdomo, My Father. Their prices are going to increase by about 3%. It is reasonable to expect this from most other manufacturers, more so...
  3. Pugman1943

    Bolivar 52 Torpedo

    First, this is only possible thanks to Mr. "CC", @CigSid , Bill, and long overdue. Start Time: 1400 Temp: 80° Relative humidity: 71% Drink: Hibiscus Tea Sky: Overcast The stick was well rolled with with wrapper forming the cap. I inspected the wrapper and smelled the foot. Nothing talked...
  4. Pugman1943

    Hot Danm Buffalo Bills

    You had to see one play, just one. Ravens on the 9yd line, Jackson pulls back to pass, many openings, flicks the ball. NO, intercepted by Buffalo but he has two men for cover. Balls to the wall up the field, safety takes out one bird and the second Bill was like an angel and kept the Raves at...
  5. Pugman1943

    Pugs New Humi

    Thanks to the bombs from the Gracious Gang, to be officially remembered at @GG, I was compelled to expand storage. THIS is a Audew Thermo unit, came with shelves, drawer and temp. My space is limited, but it works just fine. More quiet than a church mouse and right now is home exclusively to...
  6. Pugman1943

    Cigar Wetness

    My b&m just had a A/C overflow wet many cigar at least 20+%. Can they be saved? If so, how, please. This is for me only, not for his business.
  7. Pugman1943

    RA - My Befinning

    We all know my previous efforts to enjoy a CC were weak at best. I have a mentor, so i mow have a beginning. This morning I began with the RA, thank you @ Cigsid. pugs have a short nose, but I sniffed the foot, paying attention. Must say I found a lite, pleasant grass, actually expecting...
  8. Pugman1943

    A Gracious Thank You

    This pug was recently on the receiving end of a bomb run the likes of which leave me almost beyond words. if there was a reason for this, it is unknown to me. One does not question, one just enjoys. I am humbled. So then, what is the proper word to use, thank you? It seems so bland except...
  9. Pugman1943

    Pug... more worse....more worse

    I prayed last night, I said father, thank you for my brothers, but my plate is now full, my cup is to the brim and my body tired. Apparently I have sinned far greater than I realized, and today there was another key leading me to another locker and more bombs. Thank you again, and again, and...
  10. Pugman1943

    Pugs-ville Destroyed

    Lets begin with some humor first. We sold the house almost two years ago. I am relegated to a 4x4 mailbox, unless there are packages. In that case we have four 10x12 specials and the PO puts a key in our small space. So I go for the mail today and there was a key. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM...
  11. Pugman1943

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to you, my brothers who are fathers, grandfathers, and yes, great grandfather's. I hope you have the opportunity to share with your families and enjoy their special company, feel the love and the warmth that they bring us. Of course, good food, drink and a good smoke. Happy...
  12. Pugman1943

    Humor #2

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  14. Pugman1943

    Great Grandpa Update

    Well, Jameson is home. He's only a baby so long. They live 50 miles away, but this situation makes for an impossible visit for how long? As long as he's ok we're good. Grandma is all over this like flys but pic's is the best we can do. Give me a chance and I'm going to get him to at least...
  15. Pugman1943

    Great Grandpa x 2

    Something happy to share, my new grandson Jameson, born 4/4/20 and 6.5#. The doc wanted to induce a week early while thing were reasonable. His dad, Jacob is a Dallas police officer, so they did a test before letting him back for delivery. At this point all is well. Wanted to share this with...
  16. Pugman1943

    Lite Fun Fact #2

  17. Pugman1943

    Lite Fun Facts #1

    Hopefully something to lighten the current situation.
  18. Pugman1943

    New Mask?

    We all need a laugh, and who knows if this works?
  19. Pugman1943

    Dinner Prayer

  20. Pugman1943

    Webster Cigars & General Cigars

    January 7, 1918 Died August 28, 2011(aged 93) Stamford, Connecticut Nationality American Occupation Businessman Known for President and CEO of General Cigar Company Children Edgar M. Cullman Jr. Lucy Cullman Danziger Susan Cullman Kirby Relatives Joseph Cullman III(brother) Dorothy...