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  1. Le Primauguet

    Ultimate Cigar Book Richard Carleton Hacker

    A heads up this is a great book for newbs or just anyone with an interest in cigars or history. I found it on Audible. 4th edition. I was looking for Ron Nee's book. A search here brings up a couple pass threads. Canadian version and US. And a few posts about it I think it deserves it's own...
  2. Le Primauguet

    Nano Colloidal Silver

    Hi guys. I'm new to the group and discovered colloidal silver here just browsing. All of the posts say use 20 PPM. From a capful to 2oz per gallon of distilled water. I've found a bottle of 500 ppm nano CS. Using google, my granddaughters 4th grade math book, and an old abacus I found I've...