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  1. smellysell

    Photo Thread

    Seems like lots of amateur photographers on here, and Joe. Post your pics in here. My skills are definitely still a work in progress. This sequence made me laugh though.
  2. smellysell

    Playoff Fantasy Football league

    I'm going to run a playoff league through NFL.coms Playoff Challenge if any of you are interested. $20 in, 75% to 1st and 25% to 2nd. Those of you that are in other leagues, you will be getting an email invite to it from me today. You can look through the link below for the rules...
  3. smellysell

    Hunting (warning, pictures of dead animals inside)

    A thread for all things hunting.
  4. smellysell

    16 team league

    Going to start recruiting now so I have a prayer of finding 16 owners. Not going to do it unless I can find 16. If I get it filled before the playoffs, will do a playoff league if everyone is interested. $50 in $1000 Free Agent Budget Snake draft 1/2 PPR .1 pt per scrimmage years .05 pt per...
  5. smellysell

    NFL talk

    Brady's arm is shot, he can't throw it deep anymore! 🙄
  6. smellysell

    College Football

    What a day. Michigan does what they should (still not holding me breath for anything different than recent results), Carroll beats Tech, and the Griz knock off Washington!
  7. smellysell

    Test for the Southerners

    I was driving the other day with my son and he said, "I wonder if someone from like Georgia would know what those are?" So that's the question, do any of you lifelong southerners know what this is without cheating? Just day "yes" of you do, I'm actually kind of curious because I remember...
  8. smellysell


    Do any of you that have passive humidification in your cabinets use fans to circulate the air? If so, which ones? Mine is about 2% higher in the bottom than on top. My solution to this point has just been putting the Cubans up top and everything else lower, but the Cubans are taking over...
  9. smellysell

    Fantasy Football Best Ball

    I guess since it's your birthday, I'll quit hijacking your thread, Greg... Looking to start up a best ball league for next season. Website will automatically use your best possible lineup, so no need to submit one each week. No waivers, or possible 1 waiver period midseason. Thinking around...
  10. smellysell

    The Internet

    You guys have really jaded my view, making me believe that people on the internet might be interested in hearing someone's point of voeiw that doesn't match their own. While I rationaly understand it isn't even worth trying to explain to those that don't want to listen, I blame you guys for...
  11. smellysell

    Paging TexasTraveler

    Public service announcement, I'm sure you aren't the only one! 😂😂
  12. smellysell

    Unhappy Thread

    Was up at Red Lodge camping last night. Wind was blowing so hard, it blew some (I'm assuming) small rocks so hard it broke one of the back windows of the camper. Got out to leave and discovered it broke one of the back windows on the truck too! 🤬
  13. smellysell

    Fantasy Baseball

    Anybody have a league looking for a team? I'd also be down to run a $$$ league here if there is enough interest.
  14. smellysell

    Partagas Maduro

    Who sent me this? I've got a random bag of cigars in the bottom of the humi I neglected to make a note on and I'm trying to figure out where they came from? 😂
  15. smellysell

    I'm a little scared...

    It's really heavy...
  16. smellysell


    Anyone else afflicted? Anything that you've found helps? Ever since I quit drinking, it's been a struggle. Thought I'd finally kicked it, but now it just comes and goes with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Worked a 15 hour day today, yet here I am, wide awake. Figure worst case we can have a...
  17. smellysell

    Cyber Monday Deals

    Anybody seen a good deal on an impact driver? Need to grab a couple to finish this damn fence!
  18. smellysell

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    Figured I'd start a thread rather than continuing to hijack the other one.
  19. smellysell

    NFL Talk

    Chiefs sign Bell?
  20. smellysell

    Govee Wireless Hygrometer

    Came today, have her calibrating. Smaller than I expected, and the app seems pretty user Bruening.