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    Some notes about Cuban cigars

    So if we use red delicious apples for fertilizer we should be good, right?
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    ISO Propylene Glycol

    There's plenty on Amazon, but I cant tell if its made in the USA. It alI looks Ali-Baba-ish. I honestly dont want to mess around with something not made in a US lab. John
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    ISO Propylene Glycol

    Hello all. Stupid question, where are ya'll getting propylene glycol? I used to get it from Walgreens. It seems they doubled the price each time I went to get a new one. Then Holts, but they are out. Not looking for the 50/50 mix but pure PG. Any help? John
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    D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer - Barrel-Aged

    Im in on all you can supply. We dont see any Hoppin Frog here anymore. John
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    D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer - Barrel-Aged

    I guess my terminology was off. There are several beers from Belgium that are fermented twice, once at the brewery and again in the bottle. The double fermentation increases the alcohol level but not by much. John
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    D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer - Barrel-Aged

    I was thinking of a beer from Belgium that is brewed twice and three times, Grimbergen. They use the words double and tripple. Its pricey and hard to find in the US. I was in northern Spain a few years ago and found it in a gas station of all places at 1 Euro per bottle for the double. Brewing...
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    D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer - Barrel-Aged

    Is this brewed twice as the "double" implies? John
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    NFL talk

    Mayfields contract is fully guaranteed. John
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    NFL talk

    Browns want a 1st round pick for Mayfield. The phone is not ringing. Plus teams dont want to deal with the baggage. Pittsburgh will pick him up for a cup of coffee. The Browns will eat the 18 Mil as its all guaranteed $$, if they cut or trade him. No team is willing to put up $$ to help the...
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    NFL talk

    When he pays off the 22 victims he'll have nothing, John
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    Temp control for tupperdore

    Put it in the highest point you you can. Temps will go up a few degrees. You could even build a small shelf for it to get it higher. John
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    Okay ...... any Bengals fans?

    The Cinicinati Kid Jose Burro is gonna get pimp slapped by Mahomes and Co. No Cinderella going to the big dance. John
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    EL: Siglo IV/VI, TTT50 Anniv,La Reina, Behike 52/54/56, HC Rums

    Hello all. I hope everyone is getting ready for the NFL playoffs, to me one of the greatest times of the year. I have some EL bundles of 25 you might be interested in: Behike 52 (4 3/4 X 52)-$500 Behike 54 (5 3/4 X 54)-$700 Behike 56 (6 1/2 X 56)-$800 Siglo IV (5 5/8 X 46)-$350 Siglo VI (5 7/8...
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    HC7, Santiago de Cuba Anejo

    The Cubay Anejo is gone. Thanks all, John
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    HC7, Santiago de Cuba Anejo

    Hello all. I have in some 70CL bottles of rum (quantities in parenthesis): (3) Santiago de Cuba-$50 (3) HC Seleccion de Maestros (not pictured)-$100 Shipping is additional. Thanks all, John
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    Cohiba Behikes

    Waddaya mean itza fugazi?
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    Cuba closed again

    About the prepaid card (Tarjeta prepago)...Only for foreigners visiting. It can be done at the CADECA exchange houses in amounts of $200, $500, $1000. There is a service fee of $5 for the card. It has 2 years before it expires. It can be re-loaded and that extends the expiration date. If you...
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    EL: La Reina, Siglo VI, HC7, Santiago Anejo

    These are all gone. Thanks all, John