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  1. CigSid

    Been a while....

    Good seeing you brother!
  2. CigSid

    Psycho Clown Attack

    Very nice hit Ben!!
  3. CigSid

    Unhappy Thread

    Sorry to hear this Dan... good of you to go.
  4. CigSid


    I am loving this cool weather we are having, but it’s about to get warmer 😞
  5. CigSid

    Blind Cigar Review - Pay it Forward #2!

    Great review!!
  6. CigSid

    Happy Thread

    Some of us may have thought this 😂 but hey, it worked out great!
  7. CigSid

    Happy Thread

    Loved seeing this 😊
  8. CigSid

    Happy birthday xyz123!

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. CigSid

    Any Dog medics?

    This is what we use, to much success: Cosequin
  10. CigSid

    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Nick, loved the review. This was a difficult cigar to judge. It is a Juan Lopez, but with 10 years of age on it. You did a great job picking out the subtle flavors, and I enjoyed your thought process 😂
  11. CigSid

    Today's Smoke 2022

    When I accidentally hacked into your browser, these came up: I gotta quit doing that 😂
  12. CigSid

    Happy Birthday Gavin!

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. CigSid

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Very sorry for your loss Ed 😞
  14. CigSid

    Happy birthday PaulTra!

    Happy Birthday Paul!!
  15. CigSid

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Yeah, but do you remember her name?
  16. CigSid

    Happy birthday Jonesy !

    Happy Birthday Brother!!