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  1. CigSid

    Some notes about Cuban cigars

    The Cuban economy is in a bad state. Over the past five years it has been hit hard by the U.S. embargo of Venezuela (which undercuts Caracas’ ability to provide badly needed external support) Although China has assumed a significant role in the Cuban economy through trade and investment and the...
  2. CigSid

    Reporting a seegar bomb

    Thank you Floyd @SKYDIVNEKD for the cigars brother, very much appreciated!
  3. CigSid

    Fantasy Football Sleeper league

    Very close games in the first round… is it going to be @Acclaym , @modo22 or @drunkfish3 moving on? Come on Nathan, drop a lock on that Pop and murder the Murdman!! Chester made in in at the last moment, and has a slight advantage, but Ben has a powerful team, so this can go either way...
  4. CigSid

    Amazing bomb from Anthony!!

    Anthony @boosted, this is one of the most incredible bombs I’ve had brother! They look and smell amazing. Thank you!!
  5. CigSid

    Bourbon BOMB

    Be very careful what you say on the VHerf. I mentioned that I never tried a particular bottle of bourbon... Boom, a box shows up at my front door, with a bottle of THAT bourbon, some very nice pipe tobacco and a cigar that I might even enjoy 😁 Thank you Hayden @H. Vachon you are truly an...
  6. CigSid

    J Fields is a DICK and doesn’t play fair!!

    Besides that, he is one of the most generous and thoughtful people on the planet… Thank you for the amazing cigars brother (and when I say amazing, I mean incredible)
  7. CigSid

    BAM!! Ben got me too!!

    Ben @modo22 hit me good... Loved the whole package! Ben, very thoughtful and generous of you brother (or should I say... your wife? 😊) Thank you!
  8. CigSid

    Dutch BOM from Kann

    After working for 2 days straight at the server farm, I came home about an hour ago, tired, hungry, ornery, and just exhausted, and was greeted by the most amazing package... Things you could only find in Holland. I really needed this... Nick, this was so very thoughtful and appreciated...
  9. CigSid

    Bourbon bomb!

    A big thanks goes out to Nathan @Acclaym for surprising me with an amazing bottle of bourbon. This will be thoroughly enjoyed, and is very much appreciated. You are a true friend and an awesome brother.
  10. CigSid

    Texas bomb hits SoCal

    Awesome bomb from @TexasTraveler I accidentally ate the cigars... they were so pretty and I didn’t recognize them 😂 Seriously, thank you brother, you did good.
  11. CigSid

    Very unexpected surprise today

    I sent this box to someone back in August of 2017, it was lost, so I ate it, and sent another. It showed up today at my house! It’s a damn good thing that I packed it so well, the bovida is still in perfect condition... Even the extras are in perfect condition... Merry Christmas to me 😂
  12. CigSid

    Please let me know...

    What you think of this article: I would REALLY appreciate it...
  13. CigSid

    Pretty soon, the blind will see, and the lame will walk...

    I have been following David Sinclair and his team for years, and they finally did it... amazing.
  14. CigSid

    Over 100 meteors an hour, with vibrant colors...

    This is going to be a good one... Took the family last year to the top of Mt Baldy, and it was incredible...
  15. CigSid

    2017 Montecristo No 2

    Montecristo No 2 TEO NOV 17 ROTT, dry-boxed for 3 days at 58% (humidity has been in the single digits lately, so I compensate with a bit lower % in the DB) Beautiful cigar, with a very pronounced triple cap. Initial aroma: just a bit of leather, chocolate and sweet hay I use my...
  16. CigSid

    CigSid’s great Kreskin imitation...

    I was given 5 cigars from @CgarDan. 4 were labeled 2, 3, 4 and 5 My job? To guess which cigars are 2 through 5... for any ordinary human being, this would be impossible... I am going to give it my best shot.
  17. CigSid

    Any reason why...

    I would be receiving this package, with no note and numbered cigars?
  18. CigSid

    Let me know what you think...
  19. CigSid

    Had an article published in Security Magazine

    Let me know what you think: The future of hacking: COVID-19 shifting the way hackers work and who they target:
  20. CigSid

    Bill’s best years for Cuban cigars

    This has changed for me recently, after smoking more recent years, from 2008 to 2020.... There have been discussions on the Virtual Herfs, so I will pass them along here. Remember, there are one-offs for every box code, that might be exceptional, or horrible, these are the years and the codes...