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  1. BigJake6904

    PSA for CP Fantasy Football

    For those that don't check the sports forum often...there are two leagues needing players...the cigar league and the cash league. If you're interested in helping keep these long running leagues going, we could use some more players. Thanks!
  2. BigJake6904

    CPFFL Cash League Year 10

    Gents, This will be the third year I've run this league since Brian ran it the first 7 years and it went off without a hitch in 2017 and 2018! Buy-in would be $100 and rules would be very similar in terms of points and scoring structure. If you're interested (and have some type of reputation...
  3. BigJake6904

    CPFFL Cash League Year 9

    Gents, Since Brian discontinued the cash league in 2016, we ran it in 2017 and it went off without a hitch! Buy-in would be $100 and rules would be very similar in terms of points and scoring structure. If you're interested (and have some type of reputation, trade history, etc.) then post...
  4. BigJake6904

    CPFFL Year 8 - ESPN League (Sign-up & Season Thread)

    Gents, Since Brian decided not to renew the ESPN league he has run for the last 7 years, I've decided to see if there is enough interest to continue with the ESPN league. Buy-in would be $100 and rules would be very similar in terms of points and scoring structure. I will dive more into the...
  5. BigJake6904

    Homemade Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Venison Sausage

    I just made a fresh batch...I documented the whole thing in a video. Making homemade sausage is cheap and relaxing...and when you make large batches, the sausages make great gifts.
  6. BigJake6904

    Steelers v Pats 5er

    Line on the game is Pats -6...I'll take the Steelers +6 if anyone wants to gamble. Cost is a 5er, losers dog rockets, but a friendly wager. I won't put a $ value on it because I think we all know what dog rockets and cbid specials are. Only going to do one...I'll throw up another...
  7. BigJake6904

    Vitamix vs other blenders...

    I have watched some reviews and have even had friends give me recommendations on springing for a Vitamix blender. Particularly because I love fresh fruit smoothies and they have been an integral part of my recent weight loss. Does anyone have one of these? Worth the cost?
  8. BigJake6904

    Rockets vs. Clippers bet...

    Willing to put up a premium 5er (maybe 2 if there is interest) in favor of my hometown Rockets winning the series against the Clippers. To clarify, this is a bet based on the outcome of the series, not one game.    All sticks around $10 or more...I won't nitpick but no dog rockets or yardgars. ...
  9. BigJake6904

    Clash of Clans

    There is no way I'm the only one that plays this game. My buddy introduced me to it about 3 weeks ago and not only is it addicting but I find that I spend a little too much money playing it. That being said....if you're patient you won't spend hardly anything.    Does anyone else play? And if...
  10. BigJake6904

    Article: How to be a beer enthusiast without being an @$$hol

    We all know "that guy." I found this to be an interesting and rather accurate article based off of the ridiculous amount of micro breweries popping up just in my area. I love craft beer...but there is a snobby like cultural shift (particularly in my age group) that could be toned down a few...
  11. BigJake6904

    Whiskey Porn....still a novice

    I've had a lot of fun recently getting into Whiskey as a new hobby and slowing down on the craft beer purchasing. While whiskey is a much more expensive hobby, I do believe it is a little bit healthier for you long term since I tend to drink beer in excess and thoroughly enjoy 2-3 small pours of...
  12. BigJake6904

    Beer Tap Water Fountain

    I saw this while traveling for work this past week and thought it was a pretty awesome idea.    
  13. BigJake6904

    Buffalo Trace Experimental

    I just got a 375ml of the Rice Experimental. My local has about 10 bottles still for $68 a pop. It sounded interesting so I sprung for it impulsively. Has anyone had this? What are your thoughts? Worth keeping, aging, etc?
  14. BigJake6904

    Prairie Christmas Bomb

    Has anyone else gotten their hands on this? I was able to secure just one bottle because I bought $200 worth of other craft beers. It wasn't advertised...just a "hey you're buying so much, take this from our back room" kind of deal. Curious as to what others have thought or if there is a...
  15. BigJake6904

    seriouscigars opus sale....

    Serious has an online sale for opus and anejo until 5pmcst today. limit 5 per size but my understanding is you can get as many sizes as you want. Just placed my order to stock up for the super bowl contests this year. I'm not affiliated with them....just passing on the savings. 3 hours left.
  16. BigJake6904

    CigSid on the hunt...

    Seems that Bill has been out on the prowl lately and I was fortunate enough to receive some of this gentleman's generosity.   Sir, you've outdone yourself and brought joy after a terrible weekend where my uncle was in a rollover accident and is still in ICU. However coincidental it may be...I...
  17. BigJake6904

    Amazing Homemade Chicken Parmigiana   After some time, I've decided to start putting all of my cooking, grilling and BBQ smoking recipes out on youtube. I'm going to try to do 1-2 videos a week. This was my first attempt at ever putting together a youtube video. I felt Freddy Fender was an appropriate...
  18. BigJake6904

    Man Cave Beer

    All the ones that have died in the cave....some more have been added since the photos and plenty more are on the sidelines.  
  19. BigJake6904

    Trappist Brewery Opening in the USA

    Thought you beer nuts would enjoy this...   Trappist Brewery Opening in the USA
  20. BigJake6904

    ISO Four Roses 125th Single Barrell and/ or Small Batch

    I see that the Four Roses 125th Anniversary Small Batch release is upon us this month. I know I missed the Single Barrel 125th Anni release this fall...but would be willing to pay to get my hands on a bottle of the 125th Single Barrel as well as the 125th Anniversary Small Batch which should be...