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  1. greeneyedmonster

    What is your favorite season

    What is your favorite season of the year to enjoy cigars? Mine would be the fall/autumn. It has something to do with the cool crisp air and the smell of the leaf's on the ground.
  2. greeneyedmonster

    Can't smoke in the shop anymore.

    So today I went to my regular cigar shop today and was told due to the new laws, no one can smoke tobacco in the shop anymore. For the past year or so the shop has been a member only shop, but now no one can smoke. I can't believe in the Last Frontier you can't smoke a cigar in a cigar shop...
  3. greeneyedmonster

    Any Reviews

    Hello everyone. I'm looking into purchasing a cabinet so I can expand on my cigar collection in boxes instead of singles. I have a budget of $700-$800 that includes shipping. Since I live in Alaska the shipping costs just as much as the product usually. So I have choosen this cabinet below...
  4. greeneyedmonster

    Whats the oldest?

    I have about 5 each of the Arturo Fuente Rothchild marduro's, Chateau Sungrown's, and Chateau maduro's that are two months away from being 3 years old from when I purchased them. I cant wait to break into them.