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    Fuente fuente opus forbidden x 2016

    @CBoukal was a gent and sent me this to try. One of y’all gonna have to help me out on the name for this sucker. Smells of slight sweetness, some chocolate with a hint of coffee. First third starts off with medium strength. Some pepper on retrohale with earth, some cream, little bit of thay...
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    Whiskey/bourbon shot glass

    Okay. We like the calming of the alcohols. Certain things aren’t legal down here in Mississippi yet, so with both of us (me and female wife) being in the medical field with 3 girls under the age of 8, kindly f@&$ your health opinions if you have them. Now onto the real ones reading this post...
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    Santa blind review for New Years!

    Welp, our broke asses ain’t doing much for New Years and wife and 1 1/2 daughters have some sensory issues so holding off on doing fireworks till they get a bit older. It sound like Vietnam outside, but we live in the south so, honestly, they may sleep better. Anyway, on with the review! Size...
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    Don Carlos no. 3 reserva superior limitada

    Kick off the review to an awesome guy that granted me this favor through a trade. He coaxed me into trying one of these rarities so here we go. 1st third: mild to medium in strength. This is gonna be good. Even with its lower strength good flavors coming though and oh my here comes the cream...
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    It was quite a nice one to look at

    Here I go, asking one damn question about a smoke and BOOM. This delicious, nice, hot package lands right in my lap. @cohibasurfer thanks for being an awesome brother on here. This was unsolicited but I’d solicit this package any day. Thanks again!
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    Smoking a cigar....but while it’s in your mouth

    I know this is gonna rehash me as a newbie but I don’t care. I’ve seen some people do it and want to know if this is a common occurrence in our community and if people have advice. I’ve tried, on many occasions, to hold a cigar in my mouth and smoke it/breathe while doing ‘certain’ things with...
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    Freaking Dorothy stormed the castle

    Jesus, @modo22 apparebtly doesn’t play games when it comes to personal gifts. Man this was an awesome package. I will definitely be using this tonight. Thank you brother!
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    Well here’s a stupid question very few people care about...

    But might as well ask it since I’ve had some good NC’s lately. Are there certain websites that are legit that sell aged NC’s? I enjoy some of the fuller types, as some other men do, but typically have them rest for a bit. Just curious is there are areas of the inter web that sell aged ones that...
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    Right after rebuilding this crap

    Here @jfields goes and blows my mailbox to smithereens. Jesus what a bomb. Really appreciate this brother, these will be handled with care until they will be sacrificed. I will say the addition was not even needed, but the ‘naughty home inspectors 2021 calendar’ will have a special place in my...
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    Well f&$@

    He got me too. Damn @JoeMO, excellent bomb brother. This was well thought out and I appreciate that. These sticks are some that I’ve said I wanted to try as well. Well done man.
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    Serious post about habitual formation

    So, I am wanting to start working out in the morning time. My girls get up at 6:30 in the morning time, so that leaves me 545 to 6 o’clock to get up and start working out in the morning time. I am a night owl, as my previous night shifts have curved me, so that makes it difficult for an early...
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    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    This is a general topic thread on the COVID-19 vaccine. Are you getting it? Why? Maybe not? Why not? Let me state this clearly before we get started... THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PLATFORM! Cigarpass does not do well with political views. Keep those to yourself. We want to know, only if you want to...
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    Blind Liquor Reviews of 2021

    After seeing others perform some blind reviews, and recently doing one myself, I decided to make a 2021 post that others can post blind reviews from their friends. @CBoukal hit me hard with four angelic looking bottles that I’ll be blind reviewing for you today. Lady, and gentlemen, let’s get...
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    Got this from a friend who got it with the cohiba spectre. Supposed to be a limited release or something, but whatever, let’s smoke it! dry draw: sweet surprisingly. Cocoa first third: nope, not sweet. Damn this thing is heavy. It’s aged for sure. I can tell cause I can retrohale without...
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    Black label deliverance

    Shout out to @PaulTra for an awesome smoke. He wanted to send me a powerhouse to smoke and this thing turned out damn good. dry: smells of black coffee, tobacco, and ‘Merica 1st third: some dark coffee notes with some nuts and a little cream. Retrohale is sweet with coffee and bittersweet...
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    Cohiba Spectre CS19

    While on the vherf, I was writing my review of this cigar. This was gifted to me by one of my colleagues that he got from a customer of his. Stating that because I would never pay the price point to get one of these. Still, pretty stoked to try something like this. My hopes are high for this...
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    Holy Santa ballsc the Texas massacre

    Another one bites the dust. Holy hell, bodies laying everywhere. bodies, everyone else was at work, which works well for me cause now I have some storing to do. This box was amazing brother and very tasty. Really appreciate this massive Texas Christmas hit. Happy holiday brother...
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    Mailman/woman appreciation

    Due to all the packages we have been ordering since we just moved into the house, our mail person has been working overtime. We both work full time so we don’t get to see them at all during the week. So the wife was looking on twatter last night and someone posted they were doing this, so we set...
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    Solid bomb (round 2)

    I was informed to prepare for a round two. Shit, I was clenching that plug for everything it is, surprised it didn’t break tbh. Our mail lady didn’t show up to our Ortho clinic so I was assuming either she was ok, using a forklift, or she died after trying to tote a 75 pound package. Much to my...
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    Whelp, there goes the house

    And here I was hoping we could slowly get settled but noooooo. We won’t even talk about the mail lady. After throwing her back out, now she almost gets taken out by the bomb sent over by @modo22. Ben, this is an incredible gift man. I really do appreciate this, as well as it allows me to...