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  1. NiteSeer

    Cigar Cyclopedia

    Hooray for Cigar Cyclopedia. I received a box of Henry Clay Brevas from Cigar Cyclopedia for free. I registered for a drawing and they picked my name. Thats a first for me. Thank you CC. Now were is my lighter. :rolleyes:
  2. NiteSeer

    Chat Room

    Thanks for the info guys. Booooooo :(
  3. NiteSeer

    Chat Room

    I can't get on the chat room. Is the problem on my side?
  4. NiteSeer

    Who's a Veteran

    Viet Nam Vet 66-99
  5. NiteSeer

    The Economy and ISOM

    Any thoughts on how the world wide economy will affect the price of ISOMs?
  6. NiteSeer

    Summer time

    "Summer time..........and the livin is easy" However, fall is approaching and that's good news because that means less lawn cutting and more cigar smoking! Have a good day.
  7. NiteSeer

    Punch Punch equals an olympic size smoke

    Ah, after enjoying a Punch Punch, I was down for the 8 count. What a Punch!!, heheh.
  8. NiteSeer

    Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos

    Thanks for sharing. I will have to give those a go.
  9. NiteSeer

    Ordering from Heartfelt?

    Good company to deal with. I love my beads, hehehe.
  10. NiteSeer

    Graycliff Crystal

    Well, I was disappointed. The taste was very neutral and not much flavor. Maybe the next one will be better. What is your opinion?
  11. NiteSeer

    Cuba trip pics

    Great Pictures!!
  12. NiteSeer

    Lost the key to humidor.

    Not to worry! Where there is a will there is a way. I leave my key in the lock because sure as shootin' I will lose it.
  13. NiteSeer

    cooled humidor finally done

    Very nice!
  14. NiteSeer

    A Contest

    Congrats and kewl offering!
  15. NiteSeer

    A cabinet, cooled humidor under construction.

    Great job Dave. As a Woodworker I know how much time and lumber it takes. Save the Plans! Tight miter joints, that show excellent craftmanship.
  16. NiteSeer

    A newby and ISOM

    Yes, beauty is in the eys of the beholder. PM me if you would like to take this discussion further.
  17. NiteSeer

    A newby and ISOM

    Heheheh, good one. I will give you first prize and point taken.