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  1. garvey


    PM Sent.  A nice surprise.  Thanks for keeping the fund alive for so long.
  2. garvey

    Skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO: Anyone in the area?

    Anthem -- No Porches for us -- we simply didn't need the room (no family or friends accompanying us). Throw in the economic conditions as a factor and we decided to make this trip on the cheap. We're in town in a smallish inn/lodge recommended by a friend who was in Steamboat in January...
  3. garvey

    Skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO: Anyone in the area?

    My wife and I are skiing Steamboat, arriving next Saturday, March 14th. Just checking if anyone is from the area that might want to meet up sometime during the week. The big questions: is there a place to enjoy a cigar in the Yampa Valley? A quick google search says Steamboat has a strict...
  4. garvey

    I am an idiot....

    If anyone is interested in an orange scented tube, let me know. I've let it soak in distilled water, dried it out, then soaked it again -- and there is still an aroma of orange. So I it back in my humidor of Opus..... :p
  5. garvey

    I am an idiot....

    Well, I was checking my bead tubes in my humidors and coolidor (how in the hell did this happen? I thought one medium humidor was all I need; now I have five humidors of various sizes and a large coolidor). I had my spray bottle of distilled water and was recharging the beads -- something I've...
  6. garvey

    NYECP 2

    Cohiba X Linea 1492 Siglo II Cohiba X Linea 1492 Siglo V Tat Black Robusto VSG Round Belicoso No.1 Forbidden X Lancero '05 Thanks for the pass Gonz!
  7. garvey

    The Letters - Update December 21, 2008

    Well, I received empty packaging and a little 3x5 slip of paper. Waiting on the letter now. I don't know who sent me the package, or what the contents were -- there were no markings or return address. Hmmmm. Not sure if I should be scared or what....
  8. garvey

    In regard to spelling and grammar

    Rod, I appreciate you holding members to your higher standards. I teach college sophomores & juniors and their writing skills are often underdeveloped. I wonder what students are taught in high school English classes? Improper grammar, no sense of punctuation, lack of organizational...
  9. garvey

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Andy -- Thank you for the excellent package you sent my way for my birthday. In particular, the LGC limited figurado from 2003 is beautiful. And as always, I appreciate the support you've shown my family as my father recovers from his illness. CP Rules.
  10. garvey

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    How about something special to smoke for the 44th birthday? I'm easy. If someone has something special they think I should try -- all is good.
  11. garvey

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    I have you covered on the Illusione m7 and either a SCdlH or Cohiba Magicos (maybe both -- not sure I have a Magicos left)! Send me your addy and you're hooked up. I'll get this out by Wednesday.... Darryl
  12. garvey

    Dual Contest: Newbs +

    B1) Robin Quivers, Artie Lang, Howard Stern, Gary Dell'Abate, and Fred Norris (some would say Benjy) 2) Subutex & Heroin 3) Loads 4) Artie Lange, Nick DiPaolo, Jim Florentine, Dave Attell, and Gary Dell'Abate 5) Ass Napkin Ed, Beetlejuice , Bigfoot , Crackhead Bob, Eric the Midget Better?
  13. garvey

    Dual Contest: Newbs +

    B1) Robin, Artie, Howard, Gary, and Fred 2) Heroin 3) Loads 4) Artie Lang, Nick DiPaolo, Dave Atell, Jim Florintine, Gary Dell'Abate 5) Ass Napkin Ed Beetlejuice (Lester Green) Bigfoot (Mark Shaw Jr.) Crackhead Bob Daniel Carver Eric the Midget #2 should say Subutex and Heroin Love Stern!
  14. garvey

    note to self

    That sounds painful! In college, I had a friend who was a slob. The type of guy who leaves cups of Redman and Copenhagen spit all over his room, along with partially eaten pizzas that sat around for weeks (and he would often pick off of these pizzas and eat). Well, he was drunk and still...
  15. garvey


    As a Dallas Cowboy fan, I know today is somewhat painful since the Eagles are playing the Vikings right now. So how about some anti-Eagle humor: Q: How do you keep an Eagle out of your back yard? A: Put up a goal post Q: What is the difference between a dollar and the Eagles? A: You can at...
  16. garvey

    Game on!

    Go get 'em AVB. Nice way to start off the New Year!
  17. garvey

    I am in dietary hell....

    Wow, wonderful responses! I know the moderation approach, and so do they. We've actually lived that life quite well. But now, for some reason, they have the desire to make the change. They argue it makes sense to minimize meat and dairy and want to see if they can make a healthy diet without...
  18. garvey

    I am in dietary hell....

    My daughter received a book from a relative titled "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and she read it over the Christmas weekend. The basic premise is that scientific research into nutrition points to a vegan/macrobiotic diet leads to a healthier lifestyle and shows a higher probability of...
  19. garvey

    Interesting article about David Spade

    Spade is a great guy. I got to meet him before an IU football game back in 2005. He was in Bloomington to do a comedy show later that evening, but he asked if he could get tickets to the football game against Kentucky. The athletic department obliged and Spade just started hanging out at...
  20. garvey

    Son of a...

    Wow! I'm floored by this -- I was always under the impression that at temps sub 70 degrees we would be ok. Can anyone add insight as to temps & beetle infestation? Now I'm going to go downstairs and take a careful look....