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  1. jshupp

    Craft 2022 pre order No affiliation, just passing info. Just got the pre order email
  2. jshupp

    Need to buy a riding mower, looking at electric

    So I'm looking at buying a riding mower for the new house. My old place, landlord took care of it, so never needed one. I got like 1.25 acres, some hills. Was looking at electric. Any one have one or can recommend. Looking at the ryobi 30 inch for $2500. Seems reasonably priced with good reviews
  3. jshupp

    Help identify these cigars

    Viaje zombie Jiangshi red. I don't know a lot about these, a do love Viaje. They crossed my path, never seen or heard of them. Can anyone shed some light on what I got? I knew about the Jiangshi black China exclusive, but unsure of what I have here. Thanks guys
  4. jshupp

    Bought the saint regis cabinet humidor

    I bought the saint regis humidor. Here are my thoughts after a week. First of all, let me say I know I haven't been around much, on the boards or vherf. Closing on the house and getting settled had taken more time then anticipated...
  5. jshupp

    Opus x 22 box from 2012

    Got this in the mail today. Reviews to follow, most likely starting in the spring.
  6. jshupp

    Twins turned 3 months old

    Shout out to the wife for taking the pictures. Drop your best parenting advice, We're both first time parents.
  7. jshupp

    Vehicle with 3rd row seat

    So my wife wants a vehicle with a 3rd row seat. We have twins that are 3 months old. With the car seats, stroller and everything else, we have room for one extra (small) person in her car (Volkswagen tiguan), with very little room left in the trunk. I would just like recommendations based on...
  8. jshupp

    Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut pre order This is my first order with this company, just posting incase anyone else might be interested
  9. jshupp

    Crowned heads mother church

    Smoked this for the first time this morning in the mobile smoke lounge. It is a JR 50th exclusive, and the only one of there 50ths that I bought. Started off very sweet, like vanilla cake, minus the frosting with some hay. Retrohale was more sweetness and a mild pepper At about the midway...
  10. jshupp

    Year of the rat

    Broke into my year of the rat box I got a couple months ago. This taste softer then most unicos. Pretty linear flavor profile, full body, medium strength. Dark almost bitter coffee, worn leather, semi sweet cocoa, soft damp earth, black pepper. Retrohale was mainly earth and pepper, a little...