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    Johnny Walker Blue Label King George V edition

    I recently acquired a bottle of King George V, I have yet to open. I sampled it in Las Vegas and throughly enjoyed it. Anyone else have any experience with it?
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    Ordered new Wineador

    The Arizona heat has provided several challenges as I try to keep my cigars at the proper temperature.  After much deliberation, I decided to order a NewAir 281 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler based on the discussions I have read here on the forum.  It will be here on Wednesday, and I plan to utilize...
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    Item covered under warranty

    This is probably not news to anyone, but since I'm a newbie I thought it was newsworthy, and I felt compelled to share with other newbies.  I have an Xikar double-bladed guillotine cutter I purchased several years ago with the fancy wood handles, which cost me a pretty penny.  Anyway, the handle...
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    Twigs/stems inside cigars

    Is there a rule of thumb or guideline about twigs or stems inside cigars? I dissected a few different cigars and found several stems inside each cigar and wanted to know if this is normal?
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    Noob scotch drinker

    I tried Glenlivet scotch to pair with my cigar at the recommendation of a friend and it was okay but not great.  I recently had Crown Royal XR and really enjoyed it.  Anyone have experience with Crown Royal XR or other another type of scotch that pairs well with cigars?