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  1. Captain Leafheart

    Almost out from under.

    Hello again B'sOTL! After 13 months (today) of unpleasant, nomadic existence (and a little lurking) I'm checking back in. I'll try to make my tale of woe as concise as I can. In August of 2015 my employer changed my shift to an "'overnight" one, which I'm just no longer physically able to do...
  2. Captain Leafheart

    A Birthday Tribute to Johnny Cash featuring Johnny Kinnaird and The Ho

    I'll be slappin' the doghouse bass this Saturday night @ B.B. King Blues Club & Grill 237 West 42 St (212) 997-4144 with Johnny Kinnaird (from Million Dollar Quartet) and The Holler Cricks A BIRTHDAY SALUTE TO THE MAN IN BLACK Opening Act: LOVE CANON Bluegrass 80s Tribute February 23, 2013...
  3. Captain Leafheart

    Couple of ?s Re: Punta Cana,DR

    My friend "search" didn't turn this up but I seem to recall reading here that it's best to bring your own smokes into the country? Theirs are for export only? The Habanos there are most likely fakes but aren't there DR cigars to be had (though overpriced)? It's our first time going there and...
  4. Captain Leafheart

    Roots R&R, Rockabilly, Surf, Blues & Country this Saturday

    I'll be playing the above styles with The Johnny Powers 3 ( will they) this Saturday night in West Milford, NJ. If you're in the vicinity please stop by and say hi and boogie and drink(...responsibly)! 10pm, no cover. Uncorked wines and spirits 9 Marshall Hill Rd,, West Milford, New...
  5. Captain Leafheart

    Playing with some Honky Tonkers Friday 5/18 in NYC

    If'n you like rock boppin' country and rockabilly music and are near Manhattan this Friday, I'll be sittin' in for an early dinner set (7:15-8:45) with The SaddleTones ( at Hill Country BBQ on W.26th St.( It's free. Stop on in!
  6. Captain Leafheart

    Jersey Shore BOTLs

    Area BOTLs...I'll be playing with rockin' Jersey Shore club scene veteran Sonny Kenn at One28Bay in Highlands, NJ on Saturday 5/9 @ 8pm to midnight (or thereabouts). We'll be covering R&R, R&B, Rockabilly, Blues, Country, Boogie and who knows what (I don't)! Check out Sonny Kenn on youtube...
  7. Captain Leafheart

    Effect of global economic crisis on Cuban cigars

    Sorry if this has been posted already. This came in on the news wires a little bit ago. BC-CUBA-CIGARS/ 02-23 0420 BC-CUBA-CIGARS/ Cuban cigar sales drop amid global crisis By Jeff Franks HAVANA, Feb 23 (Reuters Life!) - Sales of Cuban cigars, considered the finest in the world, dropped...
  8. Captain Leafheart

    Free Armai jacket scam.

    A few weeks ago while walking in midtown Manhattan one evening, a couple of fellows with heavy Italian accents in a parked late model SUV ask me for directions to the Lincoln Tunnel. After giving them directions, the driver engages me in small talk and gives me a story that they are heading back...
  9. Captain Leafheart

    The Captain plays Highlands, NJ

    Any of you CP BOTLs that have been threatening to show up at a gig if given enough notice (and those of you that haven't been so foolhardy) are now notified that I'll slappin' the doghouse in The Sonny Kenn Duo on Saturday 11/15 at One28Bay in Highlands, NJ. Sonny Kenn is a Jersey Shore veteran...
  10. Captain Leafheart

    PA/NJ/NY folks-Come to the Hotrod Hoedown on Sunday 9/7

    I'm appearing with Jimmy Stiles & Retro Rockets on Sunday 9/7 at 1:30 pm. (Many other bands all day long. Special guest Retro Rocket will be venerable, veteran NJ ass kickin' rockabilly guitar wrangler Sonny Kenn! (Jim "Doggy" Stiles, well... he'll just kick your ass. ;) Come early & stay...
  11. Captain Leafheart

    My Favorite Magic Act-NSFW (with audio) :D
  12. Captain Leafheart

    Wine coolers at PC Richard

    I do not know anything about the quality or specs on either of these, but I saw an ad in todays paper and thought I'd pass it on. One looked rather inexpensive. Avanti 28 bottle #EWC28, was $199.97/now $179.97 GE 29 bottle #PWR04FANBS was$449.97/now$429.97
  13. Captain Leafheart

    Ashton Cabinet Selection #2
  14. Captain Leafheart

    PBS-Johnny Cash: A Man and His Vision

    The "Reg Dwight when he was cool" thread prompted this post. Late last night, I caught this PBS special which featured the musical guest segments of The Johnny Cash Show from 1969 to 1971. Artists included: Bob Dylan "Givin' It All Away", Derek and The Dominos "It's Too Late", Joni Mitchell (in...
  15. Captain Leafheart

    The Devil Doc is in...

    sane... in his generousity and very good taste (in smokes AND BOTL's :laugh: )! All you. Not a Blue Monday after all! Thanks Hank. :thumbs:
  16. Captain Leafheart

    Who says Clapton can't play jazz?
  17. Captain Leafheart

    Please,show them to me :love:
  18. Captain Leafheart

    IndianTabac Super Fuerte Toro Maduro

    This is like, the 3rd time I'm alerting to a deal on this particular smoke...which I obviously enjoy. They ought to award me a box already, for being the Honorary ITSFTM Shill. Enjoy.
  19. Captain Leafheart

    CI one day deal on El Credito Apprentice bundles
  20. Captain Leafheart

    CI special/IT Super Fuerte Don't know what's left at this point. :thumbs: