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  1. wavescrashing

    Glenfarclas Movember

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about a recent bottling of Glenfarclas in which they teamed up with Master of Malts for the release. I have a bottle coming in. Thought it was pretty good for the money since I enjoy Glenfarclas and it's for a good cause. Movember is the "Moustaches/donations...
  2. wavescrashing

    Price Check on Tat Franks

    I'm curious if anyone has a ballpark on current market value of Tat Franks. Preferably how much full boxes average out at these days.
  3. wavescrashing

    Austin and RGV

    I'll be in the Rio Grande Valley the week before Christmas and in Austin the week after Christmas. Anyone in the area that wants to herf? It's been a while since I've been of this friggin island, so I best find some CPers to have a few cigars with.
  4. wavescrashing


    I'll be in town and was checking to see if any CPers wanna get together for a smoke or three. Hope to see you there! -Mike P.S. Rob, you're already RSVP'd for Pork Belly tacos and cigars :thumbs:
  5. wavescrashing

    Waves' Going-away SoCal Herf!

    As some of you know, I'll be headin' for the island in a few weeks, so a buddy of mine will be hosting a herf for me. When: Saturday, March 20th at 1200 Where: Temecula (PM me for directions) There will be plenty of food, a keg, and a stumbling well-mannered Marine! :sign: So who's coming??
  6. wavescrashing

    Oahu CPers

    I'm heading to Oahu in about 2 months and will be there for 3 years (for real this time) :sign: It's official, so speak up and let's herf! -Mike
  7. wavescrashing

    It's been a while...

    Well, I'm finally getting back from twentynine palms tomorrow and will be back posting regularly. How is everyone? I'm thinking I might throw a herf after I've been home with the family for a couple of weeks as I haven't herfed with the fine SoCal BOTL in a good while. -Mike
  8. wavescrashing

    The myth of brand and maker in pipesmoking

    A friend of mine recommended reading this article, so I thought I'd share it with fellow pipe smokers here: Myth of brand and maker in pipesmoking
  9. wavescrashing

    Today's coffee

    I did a search and didn't find a thread too similar to this one, so I thought I'd start it up. This morning I had a few cups of Lions Macadamia nut blend (Hawaii) while doing some Trig homework. I paired it with an Oliva V. It started the day off nicely.
  10. wavescrashing

    Pretty random auction spotted

    Well, it looks like CBid is pulling out all the stops. I ran into This the other day. What's next, a CAO Sopranos tire iron?
  11. wavescrashing

    Poor Man's Cigar Review Contest!

    I figured I'd put together a contest regarding my Poor Man's Cigar Reviews. The winner of this contest will receive a premium fiver of my choosing and a few Poor Man's sticks. Alright, on to the contest: I have selected a specific cigar I plan on reviewing once this contest is over. Obviously...
  12. wavescrashing

    Poll for tonight's poor man's cigar review

    For one of tonight's reviews, I figured I'd have you BOTL/SOTL decide on what I review. Wether you smoked it and swear by it, or you've been curious to try it. Whatever the reson, choose my cigar for tonight. I'll post, when I've tallied up and am ready to smoke and review. Thanks, Mike Edit...
  13. wavescrashing

    Poor Man's Cigar Review thread

    I've read a lot of great reviews on this site that are extremely informative, but as I was reading and searching through a few the other night, I don't see too many on lower-end sticks. For different reasons, if someone could identify and smoke a few different <$5 sticks that they really...
  14. wavescrashing

    Dolphin fans

    Just seeing who the CP Phin fans are besides myself. After last season, it's good to see them at 9-5 so far. With that said, most nfl journalists are putting the Jets in their AFC East champ prediction and the Patriots in the wildcard. My guess is that the Division will come down to week 17's...
  15. wavescrashing

    Any Hawaii BOTL here?

    I just got orders and will be there in a few months. Just curious if there are any BOTL on here living in Oahu. Perhaps a herf would be in order? Also seeing if anyone knows any good B&Ms/lounges on the island. Thanks, Mike
  16. wavescrashing

    My last SoCal Herf

    I just got orders for Hawaii and will be there for at least a couple years, so I'd like to have one last herf before I leave. I was thinking late January/early February either here at my place or a more convenient place in San Diego. Shoot me a pm if interested. Thanks, Mike
  17. wavescrashing

    Diamond Crown Lounge Grand Opening

    Just thought some SoCal BOTL/SOTL would be interested in this. Here's the link with all the info: Apparently Diamond Crown is pairing up with cigar shops that have already been established for a while, helping them (financially) turn the...
  18. wavescrashing

    Been a long time

    I haven't been on here since before I deployed in January. I'm back and enjoying good smokes, good herfs, and hanging out with family. Hope everyone is doing well.