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  1. Fatken

    Super Bowl wager

    Wager... 5ver of premium smokes ($8-12). I get the Steelers straight up. Hope there are no open bets I missed. Ken
  2. Fatken

    Happy Birthday Satchmo

    Happy Birthday Quade, enjoy your best on your 36th. Ken
  3. Fatken

    BCS Championship wager?

    Anybody up for a premium fiver ( $8-12) on the Auburn - Oregon game. I want Auburn. I know it is late. Ken
  4. Fatken

    Going in for surgery tomorrow

    Hey Guys, I am going in for heart surgery on Tuesday morning and will not be able to smoke or drink for a while, so you should smoke extra for me. I have had chronic afib (atrial fibrillation) for several years and they will do what is called a hybrid maze procedure to correct the problem...
  5. Fatken

    LSU-Texas National Championship

    OK, you Texas fans, time to put up. The Championship is aired on ESPN at 7 PM EST this evening. I have a 5ver of $8-12 sticks that LSU takes the title. Ken edited to add: Please be a Texas fan.
  6. Fatken

    Watch Henry

    Folks I am truly humbled, I won what was said to be a cigar frenzy from HenrysCigar, but Lord have mercy. He included a terrific selection and some that I have heard a lot about, but haven't tried. Watch this guy, he surely smacked me around. Thank you Henry, you are another example of why...
  7. Fatken

    A Contest

    Hello all, In honor of my reaching 1000 posts in just over 2 years, I wanted to do a simple contest. Just be the first person to find and identify the hitchhiker on my scooter and recieve a 5ver of my favorites. Pretty simple, link below...
  8. Fatken

    LSU Vs Arkansas

    I have a premium 5ver that says LSU will close out the regular season with a win over the Razorbacks. Ken
  9. Fatken

    Alabama - LSU

    Any of you Bama fans looking to place a wager against LSU, how about a premium 5ver! Ken
  10. Fatken

    A Holloween Tale

    This happened about a month ago just outside of Cocodrie, a little town in the bayou country of Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's real. This out of state traveler was on the side of the road, hitchhiking on a real dark night in the middle of a thunderstorm. Time...
  11. Fatken

    When Satch attacks

    Satchmo and I agree to a simple deal. I order what he wants, and he sends something of a blind trade of comparable value. Well I get my end on Thursday evening and am truly humbled. This should have been posted yesterday, but I got distracted and didn't hit post. To put it simply, the man...
  12. Fatken

    Warriors of the sky

    I received this this morning and thought I would share. It is a bit long. Warriors of the sky (Op/Ed) BY: Gen. T. Michael Moseley, The Hill 05/23/2007 The January 2007 Chinese test of an Anti-Satellite weapon (ASAT) and the doubling of Russia’s defense outlays should remind the American...
  13. Fatken

    I have been truly humbled

    A short while ago, I requested trades for my favorite smoke, made an agreement with Brad (SmokyBalls). Well, I send my part and he sends so much more. My meager words cannot explain the gratitude. Brad, you are most generous and thank you very much. Ken
  14. Fatken

    Well it is official

    I am a grandfather. My son and his wife had a baby girl -- Clare Michelle -- yesterday. Unfortunately, I was getting on a plane to head home at the time of the birth, so I didn't get to see her. So, today I find the right cigar and dram for the celebration. Ken
  15. Fatken

    Winter Poem

    I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be a comfort to you. It was to me, and it's very well written. ENJOY! :) " WINTER " a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre " SHIT It's Cold ! " The End
  16. Fatken

    When you least expect it!

    You know, you do what you think is a simple buy with a guy, and he says he threw something extra in the package. I am thinking, hey that is great. Then you get the package and damn, my wife is giving me a towel to wipe my eyes, checking my pulse and she is checking my bank account to see if I am...
  17. Fatken


    I used to go to a pub in Arlinton, Tx and drink a beer (abbey ale I believe) called Maredsous. Just wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to drink one of these while smoking? I bet it goes well. I love this stuff, it is very strong, but smooth. Good thing I can't find it around here yet...
  18. Fatken

    Cheap Sticks

    I have won a bid at on some “Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro “Super-Toro””. I have smoked or tried to smoke 4 of these in the last couple of weeks. Two of them were decent smokes, but the other two had draw problems, I couldn’t keep them lit. So my questions are: 1. Is this what...
  19. Fatken

    Liquor Decanters

    Would all of you scotch and bourbon drinking aficionados weigh in on the quality of scotch and bourbon that is stored in crystal decanters as opposed to being stored in the original bottles? My wife likes the pretty decanters and would much rather have them used. Thanks, Ken