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  1. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Good Morning Brothers!!!! My morning isn’t sucking and hopefully yours is as good or better
  2. CBoukal

    Happy birthday Cabaiguan Juan!

    Happy Birthday Brother!!! Hope it was amazing
  3. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Angels Envy Rye DTT-EX-78. Thanks @CgarDan
  4. CBoukal

    Happy 22nd Birthday, CigarPass!

    Happy Birthday CP!!!!! Thank you Rod for making this place what it is!!!!
  5. CBoukal

    Happy birthday mufflerman!

    Happy Birthday!!
  6. CBoukal

    Space Geeks

    Boeing is going to try a second attempt to launch a shuttle that is able to carry humans to the ISS and dock with it. This is an unmanned flight for obvious reasons. Their last attempt was a failure. There was an issue with some of the clocks on the shuttle and it threw off the orbit it entered...
  7. CBoukal

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Ben brought up tonight that May 23rd is the 2 year anniversary of the vherf. Love you guys!!!!! You have all become family!
  8. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Padron 7000 with about 10 years of age
  9. CBoukal

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Padron 7000 with about 10 years of age
  10. CBoukal

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    It you haven't picked a cigar yet, Let's make it a Padron kind of night.
  11. CBoukal

    Sneaky NOOB

    Lol nice job !
  12. CBoukal

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I'll be on
  13. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Yeah cheaper.
  14. CBoukal

    Liquor Acquisitions 2022

    Is this the good stuff ?
  15. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    Juan lopez 2 I think Second would be Perdomo champagne Bottle kill of angels envy
  16. CBoukal

    Today's Smoke 2022

    It’s kind of like a mixed drink. It’s good, google it
  17. CBoukal

    Happy Thread

    This is awesome Aaron!!!! What an experience!