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  1. Fatken

    1st. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's CANCELED!

    Thanks for the effort Paul.   Very generous move.   Ken
  2. Fatken

    1st. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's CANCELED!

    Thanks Paul!   If they are still available:   c8  r5 c6  r7   Ken
  3. Fatken

    1st. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's CANCELED!

    Hey Paul,   I haven't been active (posting) in a while, but I'll take a couple of boxes if you will have me.   Ken
  4. Fatken

    Happy B-Day Fatken, Humidor Minister, Thumper68 & pyro92.......

    Thanks for the wishes guys. Had a great time with a couple of favorites and too much scotch.   Ken
  5. Fatken

    Happy 57th B-Day Ray (AVB), enjoy brother.....

    Happy Birthday Ray! Smoke and drink your best. Ken
  6. Fatken

    Ahhh...College Football

    You say that because once again, Bama is a machine. Unfortunately, LSU is sucking hind tit and from how they played last night they don't deserve their ranking. Ken
  7. Fatken

    So, what tune...

    These are a couple of my favorites.
  8. Fatken

    Happy B-Day JD (Jonathan Drew), I hope you have a great day brother, e

    Happy Birthday! smoke your best and enjoy your day. Ken
  9. Fatken

    New extension of the Illusione brand!

    I have smoked a couple of the HL maduros and an 888 maduro. I love the HLs and the 888 was pretty good. Ken
  10. Fatken

    Please welcome the newest member of the CP Family...

    Congrats to both of you! Cherish every moment. Ken
  11. Fatken

    Happy 46th B-Day Alan (CulturedHick), enjoy brother........

    Happy Birthday Sir!! Enjoy your best. Ken
  12. Fatken

    Contest for sci-fi readers!

    The Time Machine - H.G. Wells Congrats Steve! I will read the 2nd and 3rd. Ken
  13. Fatken

    New Shape for a Humidor

    Very nice! Great Design. Ken
  14. Fatken

    Morning Sex

    Thanks for the chuckle Doc! Ken
  15. Fatken

    Mayweather vs Cotto - your thoughts?

    Mayweather is great, but he does have a mouth. I agree with Rod, boxing is not what it used to be, I credit most of that to Don King and pay per view. Most fans won't drop the money and take the chance that the fight will be lousy or over in 10 seconds. I don't have enough friends to split the...
  16. Fatken

    Caption Contest in honor of Ian getting married

    How did my ass get in the front?
  17. Fatken

    What Would You Have Done

    I am weak, couldn't stay out of them.
  18. Fatken

    What Would You Have Done

    You did great! But, it is apparent you feel bad about your great find, so to help, please send a box of VSGs to me, as the last box is friggin gone! :laugh: Ken
  19. Fatken

    Happy B-Day Sam (Strayvector), enjoy brother.......

    Happy belated Sam! Hope you enjoyed it. Ken
  20. Fatken

    Happy B-Day Tom (tomthirtysix), enjoy brother......

    Happy Birthday Tom! Enjoy your best. Ken